3 Top Drywall Sanders Review 1. WEN 6369 Variable Speed Drywall Sander (Top Choice) Pros: Cons: 3.2 Pros: Cons: 3. Morphon Drywall Sander with Vacuum Bag (Best Handheld Electric Sander) Pros: 3 Top Drywall Sanders Review 0 3 Top Drywall Sanders Review 1 3 Top Drywall Sanders Review 2 3 Top Drywall Sanders Review 3 3 Top Drywall Sanders Review 4 3 Top Drywall Sanders Review 5 3 Top Drywall Sanders Review 6 3 Top Drywall Sanders Review 7 Sanding drywall is one of the most tiresome steps in installing drywall, yet it is a necessary evil.

Fortunately, there are several of equipment available to make sanding easier to control and less dirty. Therefore, we have everything you need, whether you’re looking for a sander that’s affordable or one that reduces airborne dust particles.

The top drywall sanders for 2022 are listed below.

DRYWALL SANDERS AT THE TOP 3 Top Drywall Sanders Review 8 3 Top Drywall Sanders Review 9 1. WEN 6369 Variable Speed Drywall Sander (Top Choice) 0 (Best Handheld Electric Sander) 1. WEN 6369 Variable Speed Drywall Sander (Top Choice) 1 (Best Cordless Option) 1. WEN 6369 Variable Speed Drywall Sander (Top Choice) 2 (Top Pole Sander) TOP FACTORS TO TAKE INTO ACCOUNT WHEN SELECTING A DRYWALL SADER It depends if you require a sander designed exclusively for drywall. You can get away with using something like a sanding block to complete a tiny area.

However, you’ll need a tool made specifically for drywall finishing if you’re sanding an entire room or seeking for a professional solution.
DRYWALL SANDER TYPES The finest drywall sander for you will depend on the type of project you have in mind.
The primary varieties of drywall sanders are as follows:

Sanders, Pole Pole sanders are rather easy to use. They include a large pole that makes it easier to reach high spots and a head to which you can attach your sanding pad or sanding screen. Pole sanders are fairly cheap, but they need to be manually sanded.

planetary sander Handheld orbital drywall sanders may occasionally have a vacuum bag for collecting dust. Even though these sanders are power tools, because they are portable, it is difficult to reach high walls and ceilings without a ladder or specialized extension tool.

Turbo Drywall Sanders without dust The vacuum extension that comes with these power sanders makes cleanup so much simpler by sucking up dust as you sand. If you frequently work with drywall or need to reach high places, these tools are ideal.

a lightweight cordless or cable sander Professionals frequently utilize these sanders. They can be attached to a telescopic pole or used handed.

MOTOR POWER AND SPEED When you need to complete a task quickly, electric drywall sanders are the way to go. However, picking one can be difficult because they have different motor powers.

You need a drywall sander with a minimum of 600 watts and five amps.
Many electric drywall sanders have variable speeds as well. If there are places where you need to be more assertive, this is crucial.
These rotational rates typically vary from 500 to 2,200 rpm.

A 20-volt battery is nearly typically included with a cordless drywall sander, if that is something you are interested in. In order to determine how long the battery will last, you should also pay attention to the amp hour.

HEIGHT AND REACH When choosing a drywall sander, consider reach and weight, especially if you need to sand the entire room.

Although they require more effort because they are not motorized, standard pole sanders are excellent for reaching high. Although you can save some time with handheld sanders, you’ll still need a ladder to access high locations.

The best way to finish lofty walls and ceilings without expending too much effort is with portable or electric sanders with telescoping poles.

SCREENS VS. SANDING DISCS Most drywall sanders make use of affordable hook and loop discs. These discs come in grit sizes ranging from 60 to 240.

The ease with which hook and loop discs can be changed is a huge advantage.
However, they do have one drawback—they are prone to clogging. Sanding screens is an outstanding substitute.

Reusable sanding screens don’t clog as easily. These are common for pole sanders, but it can be challenging to locate sanding screens for other drywall sanding tools.


WEN 6369 Variable Speed Drywall Sander

is a review of the top dry wall sanders.

The WEN 6369 drywall sander is a wonderful option if you want a drywall sander that will do the job well and won’t set you back hundreds of dollars.

This sander contains a 15-foot dust hose, a 5 amp motor, and various speeds. 600 to 1500 RPMs range from the various speeds.
The six hook and loop sanding discs included with the WEN 6369 range in grit size from 60 to 240.

Additionally, you can get rid of the typical dust particles in the air brought on by sanding thanks to this sander’s automatic dust removal. The vacuum hose extends 15 feet, and the telescopic body can extend to a maximum of five feet.

a 15-foot hose and automatic dust collection are advantages. automatically repositions itself so that it is flush with the wall Reach of the telescopic body is up to five feet. five amps, variable speed motor Loop-and-Hang Pad CONS: It is heavier than a sanding pole (11.5 pounds) 1. WEN 6369 Variable Speed Drywall Sander (Top Choice) 3

Hyde Tools Dust-Free Vacuum Sander

Choose the Hyde Tools Dust-Free Vacuum Sander if you’re working on a small project or simply want the best value for your money. It will speed up your work and is incredibly cheap.

The hand sander in this design has a vacuum attachment. Its six-foot hose connects to any wet-dry vacuum and can cut down on dust particles by 95%.

Additionally, this type works with washable sanding screens, which are less prone to clogging and have a longer lifespan than conventional sandpaper. Due to the fact that it is not electric, this is probably best suited for little tasks.

PROS: Extremely affordable All wet/dry shop vacs can be attached with the six-foot hose. removes 95% of the dust particles Reusable sanding screens are compatible with Hand sander/no electricity optimum for little jobs 1. WEN 6369 Variable Speed Drywall Sander (Top Choice) 4


Morphon Drywall Sander with Vacuum Bag

It’s difficult to go wrong with Morphon if you’re seeking for the best handheld electric drywall sander.

A variable speed motor with six settings is included as standard equipment with the Morphon sander, which is sold on Amazon. Additionally, it is equipped with a vacuum bag, so there is no need to bother about attaching a shop vac to it.

A perimeter brush that may be detached is on the heavy-duty head.

At 8 pounds, the Morphon drywall sander is not particularly heavy. It also has an ergonomic grip that can help handling heavy tasks a little bit simpler.

PROS: six-speed variable motor automatic dust removal (no need to hookup to shop vac) 1200 W copper motor that is quite light and has a long lifespan Cons: You’ll need a ladder to access higher ground. The cord is barely 6.56 feet long. 1. WEN 6369 Variable Speed Drywall Sander (Top Choice) 5

The best cordless option is the DEWALT 20V CORDLESS DRYWALL SANDER (

dewalt electric pole sander

The most expensive sander on our list and the type frequently used by professionals is the Dewalt 20V cordless drywall sander.
The batteries and chargers for this cordless drywall sander from Dewalt are compatible. It contains a brushless motor and a dial for adjusting the speed.
The adjustable telescopic wand that allows you to reach towering walls and ceilings is the main advantage of utilizing this.

Despite this, there are several drawbacks to the Dewalt cordless drywall sander, primarily the requirement to purchase additional supplies. It features a connection for the Dewalt dust extractor but does not come with a vacuum system.

Batteries and chargers must also be purchased separately.

PROS: A speed-sensitive dial No-brush motor telescoping, long wand Cordless Paper sanding hook and loop CONS: The dust extractor must be purchased separately. The battery and charger must be purchased separately. Expensive 1. WEN 6369 Variable Speed Drywall Sander (Top Choice) 6


Warner Pole Sander Head

The pole sander is our final recommendation. Traditional pole sanders are easy on the wallet and effective despite how basic they are.
The head and pole of a pole sander must often be purchased separately. And the Warner pole sander head is an example of this.

The swivel feature of this pole sander head makes it simpler to maintain flush without swaying. Use any common sheet of sandpaper; the head is 9 inches long and 3.25 inches wide. It will fit any inch pole.

CONS: Simple to use Fits any inch threaded pole with a swivel head can be used with any sandpaper of a standard size. Inexpensive CONS: Manual operation Not a dust-free apparatus 1. WEN 6369 Variable Speed Drywall Sander (Top Choice) 7

LAST THOUGHTS With a sanding block, pole sander, or portable sander, you can complete the task if you’re working on a small area. A drywall sander like the WEN 6369 is a better option if you’re working on a larger area and want the best value.

This sander can assist you reach high places, features a dust extraction system, and won’t break the bank.





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