Good morning, friends! We had a fun-filled weekend. After five years of practice, my son received his first degree black belt in taekwondo on Saturday. My tiny man makes me so happy!

On Sunday, I worked around the house at home. My living room curtains were finally being hung by one of them. My floors were redone, and it took me a month to get around to it. I was reminded of how much I still appreciate the plain white curtains with Greek key trim when I was pressing the linen to remove the wrinkles.

Not every window begs for pattern. Frequently, a simple curtain will do! Curtain trim is one of the greatest ways to add a little extra flair to a plain curtain panel. If you use fusible web tape, there is no need for sewing, which makes it incredibly simple to apply.

Retailers are aware that plain curtains with decorative edges are attractive; this is an excellent example of plain panels with an embroidered border from West Elm.

west elm

Trim can be used if the panels have patterns. Find a trim that goes well with your current print and elevate them by adding a captivating border.

I fashioned the curtains for my home’s more formal living room by sewing pewter Greek key trim (always traditional) to both sides of panels made of white linen. Although mine is sewed on, any trim may always be added to panels with iron-on fusible web tape, which can be bought online or from a nearby sewing supply shop.

I want trimmings that can be seen from across the room and are at least one inch broad. Look for patterns with embroidery or those that offer a splash of color. Also enjoyable are pom poms or tassels.

How are you doing? Have the window panels in your home been trimmed with curtain tape? I’d love to see your projects, so please share!





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