I have received a new job to build a tiny hall bathroom for a shared commercial workplace. Im going in the opposite route from something bright and light like I did in my own home with my powder room. This time, I’ll use a combination of dark wall colors (charcoal or black), a wood vanity, and brass accents to create a melancholy modern environment.

The Motivation


Here is the 46 area as it is right now; it is one of those little bathrooms that was put together just for practicality and without any thought to aesthetics. So dull, huh? I am very excited to give it a new, appealing design.

The vinyl plank flooring remains since it is in superb condition. However, given that those walls are begging for something hip, I’m leaning toward either dark-stained or -painted plank walls or -possibly -a deep-hued grasscloth wallpaper as the backdrop, much like the walls in the aforementioned inspiration photos.

To have the right proportion, the vanity shouldn’t be wider than 30 inches. These single sink wood vanities drew my attention:

The 8-foot ceiling necessitates a flushmount fixture, and I’ll also include a mirror to complete the look. I adore these flush mount mirrors and fixtures for their brass accents:

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Within the next month, I’m attempting to make this one better. When it’s finished, I’ll announce the final product choices and the location.





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