My standard holiday table arrangement consists of a basic charger (silver or gold) paired with a white plate. To add interest, I prefer to place a patterned napkin on top.

Every time, this straightforward setup works and makes it simple to use the basic plates I currently own. I finish it off by adding some candles and a little greenery on the table, just like this idea.

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For your annual Christmas party, there’s no need to spend money on themed plates and/or napkins. I prefer to spend money on linens that can be used for multiple occasions rather than just one special occasion. I prefer using cloth napkins that can be used again at any moment.

I purchased these lumimarja material napkins with gold-branched botanicals last year. Last Thanksgiving, I was unable to utilize the napkins, but this year, when I am the host, I will. These twelve different dinner napkin designs would look wonderful on your holiday table and would also be lovely for other occasions.





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