When my extended family visited this weekend, my sister and I got creative with our drinks. We were in the mood for a citrusy berry vodka martini, so after a quick round of testing, we created these lovely and delicious cranberry pomegranate martinis for the women.

cranberry pomegranate martini

Later, I discovered that this is quite reminiscent of a Cosmopolitan, but without the lime juice. This explains why we enjoyed them so much. The components are straightforward: cranberry pomegranate juice, triple sec to lend a hint of citrus flavor, and citron vodka.


The glasses were first prepared with fresh cranberries on a cocktail pick; an orange twist completes the elegant presentation. Both the lovely library martini glasses and the stag cocktail shaker , which I gave to my sister as an early Christmas present, are from Pottery Barn.

prep glasses

Combine ice, 1 cup of cranberry pomegranate juice, 1/3 cup of citron vodka, and 2 capfuls (or tablespoons) of triple sec in a cocktail shaker to make three martinis. Blend and pour!

cocktail pour
single cranberry pomegranate martini

Afterward, we had dinner. It’s always lovely to eat with my extended family. Tomorrow, I’ll post a couple more pictures of the Christmas table setting that is seen in the foreground.

cranberry pomegranate martinis

Cheers! .





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