It has been a fast-paced 48 hours, but I have enjoyed every second of it. I was unexpectedly taken to a performance Thursday in San Francisco to support those affected by wildfires. Someone had an extra ticket, so I boarded the ferry to the city and arrived at the musical location as the sun was setting over the city skyline. Last night, after going out to dinner with a few of my closest friends, we went dancing. It’s been fun spending the past two days in the present tense with fantastic company.

I consider myself fortunate to be taking on additional design jobs. It pours when it rains. I’m working on a complete home remodel with another client and we’re meeting tomorrow. I’m excited about how 2018 is shaping up and the numerous areas where I’ll be contributing my experience.

I’m trying my best over the holidays to decline anything that might make my life more difficult or meaningless. Simple decorations and new foliage are what I have in mind; I won’t exhaust myself attempting to do it all. I take great pleasure in defying the demands for perfection. The past two days have served as a reminder that relationships with the people you love are what matter most. Although I won’t be hosting a holiday party, I do intend to get together in a few small groups to toast to the basic pleasures of life in people’s homes or at the neighborhood café.

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