My grandparents always had a flocked Christmas tree when I was a child, I recall. Growing up, I adored spending time under my Memah and Papa’s white tree because it was so enchanted and reminiscent of a scene from a novel. I adored the tree despite its odd fragrance and crispy feel. A flocked tree always brings back memories of my grandparents for me. (And that bizarre but genuine mothball moment where Lucy hides in the wardrobe before finding Narnia.)

My parents always kept things natural and green when I was growing up, so when I got married, I did the same. I’ve never once thought about having a white Christmas tree in my home. I once told Matt about my love for my grandparents’ tree when strolling past a flocked tree at the parking lot. Funny how he had no idea that we had celebrated Christmas so many times together!

cg white tree left side

As a nod to their generation, we therefore made the decision that we, too, would want a flocked tree this year. Gold berries, miniature disco balls, teal plastic garland, crystals, brown ribbons, mercury glass, and of course, new and vintage treasures make up the festive but surprising mix of décor.

cg flocked tree fur skirt gold cross

There is no tree scent, but I have greenery elsewhere, and because it doesn’t snow where I live, it’s appealing to pretend there is. I adore how the ornaments on display are highlighted by the white backdrop!

frame ornaments
blue gold ornaments

I catch a glimpse of last year’s DIY fur trimmed tree skirt . adore it To give it more fluff, that skirt is packed like a Santa outfit. Just a couple toss pillows for the summer and some extra bubble wrap, for reals.

cg white flocked christmas tree
noel on table

This year, the youngsters also received a bonus gift in the form of a tiny tree for their play area. I visited the Goodwill during the first week of January of last year. Tell me you also do this. Tell me you go to the Goodwill in January to buy decorations for the holidays!

Okay, truth be told, I typically go around the front to see if there’s anything new that I truly want before dropping off whatever I don’t want in the back. Tragic but accurate But what a treasure trove! I particularly remember paying 25 for this delicious candy garland, which I bought when I saw this white tree for a few cents.

white tree red bucket
cg white tree left side0
All of Santa and his friend’s favorite books and movies are always available!
cg white tree left side1
A small tree was decorated by the kids with all of their favorite ornaments.
cg white tree left side2
cg white tree left side3
Oh Pep, how I like thee when it comes to favorites.
cg white tree left side4

How on earth can you choose a favorite Looney Tunes cartoon, really? I really really struggle with Bugs, Yosemite Sam, Daffy, Wile E. Coyote, Foghorn Leghorn, and Pep.

I’m a little bit late in hooking up to cg white tree left side5 and cg white tree left side6, but it’s better than never! Have you been there? Don’t miss it—there are so many inspiring displays!






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