Post a Recipe This recipe for a raw raspberry cream pie is tasty and nutritious. This simple no-bake vegan and gluten-free dessert is packed with almonds, oats, and fruit.

I adore dessert dishes that are simple to make, delectable, and nutritious (hint: not loaded with sugar). That and more can be found in this raw raspberry cream pie.

Raw Raspberry Cream Pie

First of all, it is ideal for summer. After all, it’s raw, so there’s no need to heat up your house with your hot oven.
Second, it has a lot of healthful, beneficial elements. Consider fresh fruits, oats, coconut cream, and almonds.

Finally, because it’s so simple to prepare, you could find yourself offering to prepare it for all the gatherings that are filling up your summer schedule.

Raw Raspberry Cream Pie

THIS RAW RASPBERRY CREAM PIE HAS TWO VERY IMPORTANT FEATURES: WHEN PRESSING, THE CRUST SHOULD STICK TOGETHER BUT NOT STICKY. Make sure all the ingredients combine but are not sticky if you want a nice, crunchy crust that retains its shape.

Add extra oats and pulse in your food processor for about a minute if you feel like yours is too sticky. You won’t want to have the equivalent of a soggy pie crust if your crust is very sticky.

ENSURE THAT THE COCONUT CREAM IS CHILD FROM THE PRIOR NIGHT. The best thing that could happen to the planet is chilled coconut cream. It’s also the major factor behind why this raw raspberry cream pie tastes so good.

Raw Raspberry Cream Pie

The coconut cream puffs up like whipped cream when chilled and combined. And just like whipping cream, if it were warm, those stiff, airy peaks would not develop.

What about alternatives for pies that aren’t baked? Other than that, you may pretty much experiment with all the ingredients and change them to suit your preferences. I love raspberries; if you do too, try this recipe for Raspberry Shortbread Thumbprint Cookies.

Raw Raspberry Cream Pie

I use this as the basis for my raw pie recipe and simply substitute the fruit puree with whatever I happen to have on hand. It tastes fantastic with mango puree, lemon curd, and blackberry puree.

I occasionally swap out the almonds for walnuts or hazelnuts.

A FEW OF OUR FAVORITE VEGAN RECIPES CAN BE FOUND HERE. PIE WITH RAW RASPBERRY CREAM This dessert is tasty and healthy—raw raspberry cream pie. It’s the ideal healthy, no-bake pie that is simple to make, vegan, and gluten-free. Recipe Print

Raw Raspberry Cream Pie

Ingredients for the crust include: CUP The Almond Cup MAPLE SYRUP, OATS, and CUP CINNAMON, 1 TSP 1 can of full-fat coconut cream, chilled overnight, for the filling. RASMINE PURE TOPPINGS: RASPBERRY, FRESH STRAWBERRY, FRESH ORANGE SLICES, FRESH BARK LEAVES DIRECTIVES TO THE CRUST: In a food processor, combine all the crust ingredients and pulse for two to three minutes, or until a paste forms. USE A SMALL AMOUNT OF THE MIXTURE TO TEST THE CRUST BY ROLLING IT BETWEEN YOUR HANDS; IT SHOULD STICK TOGETHER. ADD MORE WATER IF IT’S TOO DRY. ADD MORE OATS IF IT’S TOO STICKY. Scoop the mixture into a pie pan and press it down. 15 MINUTES REFRIGERATE. First, use a fine sieve to strain the raspberry puree for the filling. INTO A BOWL, POUR. SQUEEZE THE CREAMY PART OUT OF THE CHILLED COCONUT CAN INTO THE RASPBERRY BOWL AND BEAT BOTH ON HIGH SPEED WITH A MIXER UNTIL FLUFFY AND CREAMY. REMOVE THE CRUST FROM THE FRIDGE FOR THE PIE. FILL THE PIE CRUST WITH THE FILLING. USE THE TOPPINGS TO DECORATE. RASPBERRY RECIPES ELSEWHERE: Thumbprint Cookies with Raspberry Shortbread

Gluten Free No Bake Raspberry Cream Pie Recipe #remodelaholic

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