We love DIY projects and home design at Remodelaholic, but we also adore recipes. We want to start sharing some seriously delicious recipes once a week in addition to continuing to highlight our most recent and greatest remodeling efforts. We’re still remodelaholics, so enjoy the recipes and remember that. I have the ideal recipe for you just in time for Valentine’s Day. Of course, this exquisite pastry is suitable for consumption throughout the year and on any occasion, but February 14th almost demands that these delectable sweets be consumed. Who could possibly resist these tiny blackberry pies in the form of hearts? That’s for sure not me!

Making these for your 37-year-old hubby or bringing a tray to the office to distribute is sure to brighten someone’s day. Obviously, you’ll do it. They are small fruit pies shaped like hearts!

The perfect dessert for Valentine's! Mini Heart Shaped Blackberry Pies Recipe at Remodelaholic.com

One of those goodies, like this one, will have folks wondering where you get your inventiveness from. Dreams come true with cookie cutters! Pies might be challenging to execute, but these tiny guys are simple. And they’re so sweet! You can get the filling recipe here. This particular recipe calls for blackberries, but you could use many other fruits if you want. There are numerous possible modifications on this one, including apples, raspberries, and blueberries.

The perfect dessert for Valentine's! Mini Heart Shaped Blackberry Pies Recipe at Remodelaholic.com

The straightforward crimped crust serves as the ideal foundation for the explosion of fruity delight inside. For such straightforward components, you’ve managed to produce a remarkably nuanced flavor with a quick drizzle topping. These little pies are so adaptable that you may include them in your children’s lunch boxes or serve them at the conclusion of a candlelight meal.

The perfect dessert for Valentine's! Mini Heart Shaped Blackberry Pies Recipe at Remodelaholic.com

It is obvious that these tiny hearts were created with affection. Right, the stomach is the key to a man’s heart. So use heart-shaped pastries to win his affection! Okay, so it was corny, but you get the idea. Give your significant other, your children, your coworkers, or your mailman one of these gorgeous pies. Just know that you might find a hidden admirer.

Here is the link to the recipe for the blackberry filling.


Mini Heart Shaped Blackberry Pies

10 minutes for preparation Time to Cook: 25 minutes EFFECTIVENESS CRUST 2 cups sugar and 1 cup of flour salt one teaspoon cold butter, diced 6 tablespoons cold water FILLING Half of a blackberry pie filling “egg wash” 1egg 1/9 cup water large cookie cutter in the form of a heart icing not required INSTRUCTIONS 1) Set oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 2) Combine the crust’s dry ingredients. Cut in water and chilled butter. Dough should be mixed until a ball forms, then chilled for one hour before using. 3) Create a pie crust that is one inch thick. Cut the crust into an even number of heart-shaped pieces. 4) Spoon blackberry filling into half of the hearts. The filling shouldn’t leak out when you close the hearts, which should be simple to do. Remove part of the filler if it does. 5) To prepare the heart’s rim for the filling, apply egg wash with a brush. To seal the pie, place another heart on top of each one. Use a fork to crimp the edges. 6) Apply additional egg wash to the pies and bake for an additional 20 to 25 minutes, or until golden brown. 7) Permit the pie to cool fully. Prior to serve, drizzle with icing. EVEN TASTIER RECIPES TO TRY:

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