Every season, I enjoy stopping into my neighborhood Anthropologie, usually for their amazing furniture knobs but also for the eccentric style of the store’s display artists.

According to the sales associate, each Anthropologie location has a dedicated Installation Artist who receives a subject from corporate but is free to interpret it anyway they see fit. If this is true—which I have no idea—then it sounds like the ideal job. With products as entertaining as those offered at Anthropologie , I can only image how much fun it must be to push the boundaries of creativity and challenge oneself to style unconventionally.

Whether it’s falling leaves in the main clothing display area, strings of multiples have a significant impact on presentation.
Strapless Wedding Dresses AU
or clothespins in the dressing area that have been dipped in paint.
clothespins at anthro
You may add modern flair by adding a fabric flower to a set of simple beads.
flower trim necklace
One of my favorites. I adore how the exquisite wallpaper contrasts with the rustic wood pallet and crates.
crates on wall

Speaking of pallets, here is an additional illustration of brackets and shelves attached to a shipping supplier’s equipment that has been transformed into a decorative texture.

pallet with shelf
An odd chair made of an old radiator and galvanized pipes was on show throughout the summer.
radiator chair

I’ve long been a fan of this Atelier Chesterfield in buttery yellow leather, sigh! This type of deep yellow complements everything, just like a neutral would. Every season, they restyle it and shift it around in my neighborhood store, and I can’t keep my hands (or eyes) off of it.

yellow chesterfield by season

There were numerous plaster-covered painter’s tarps covering light fixtures, making tablecloths, and even Anthropologie 0 in the window display throughout the summer.

Anthropologie 1
The simple act of numbering the drawers of a plain wood chest makes it more intriguing.
Anthropologie 2

Here is a novel weapon: the Anthropologie 3, which has an iron base and arms decorated with pages from encyclopedias. Interesting, I guess. I could picture this fixture as a whimsical accent to a library area or hung low over a reading corner. When I saw the $998 price tag plus $150 shipping, I immediately thought that this would make a fantastic DIY knockoff project. Ouch.

Anthropologie 4

Their lighting fixtures are made of baskets and shells or wrapped in jute, so you can be sure they’re never boring. Ruffles, yarn, and patchwork appliqués are all artistically used to decorate the lampshades.

Anthropologie 5
The best books are always on display at Anthro, and I love the names.
Anthropologie 6

The newest quirky addition to my neighborhood shop is this pink patchwork canopy constructed of burlap and leftover fabric. Not that I’d ever consider putting something like this in my own home, but the bed’s overall boho, international vibe was worth admiring.

Anthropologie 7

Do you think an aluminum funnel would create a good light fixture, especially when combined with doilies, galvanized piping, and a rustic garden cachepot? About this, I’m not so sure!

Anthropologie 8

But that’s what I appreciate most about entering this shop. A well-designed Anthropologie is like a miniature modern art museum. You never know what you’re going to see, but it’s always intriguing, always motivating, and constantly pushing us to think beyond the box when it comes to decorating.

Are you a fan of Anthropologie as well?





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