1 2 How to Use a Skimming Blade 3 What Sizes Do Drywall Skimming Blades Come In? 4 If you want your drywall’s finishing layer to be immaculate, a skimming blade is a necessity.

They are also useful for butt joints.

using drywall skimming blade

Here are some instances where skim coating a wall may be necessary:

Although skim coating is not always used for drywall finishing, it provides the best finish that is attainable. A skimming blade is an excellent instrument to have on hand if you want to accomplish that.

A SKIMMING BLADE’S USE A skim blade is required if you plan to skim coat your drywall. Use it as follows:

HOW MANY SIZES ARE THE DRYWALL SKIMMING BLADES AVAILABLE? The typical 16, 24, and 32 inch medium sizes are perfect for butt joints and can take the place of your standard drywall knife.

In order to access high places, handle attachments are also available.

Skimming blades for drywall are useful tools. Try using a larger skim blade on your butt joints if you’re sick of the lap marks your present drywall knife leaves behind.

A large skim blade will also help you attain a smooth finish and finish the task faster if you’re skim coating a wall or covering a textured ceiling.





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