Windows Desk Concepts

I know its the holiday season but I cant help but think ahead because with this nextproject I get a lot ofpracticality. Do you remember the old study I designed for the kids five years ago when they were in elementary school? It was a fantastic space for many years but since Ill soonhave o …

Focus on Textiles: Hmong Fabrics

I got a history lesson today as I was browsing for fabrics when I stumbled across Hmong textiles on Etsy. Loving the motifs, I dove into that category and learned a few things about their heritage. The Hmong people are a tribe from the hills of China, Vietnam, and Laos. When the communists gaine …

Creme de la Provence

I took a walk yesterday to clear my mind. Ive had a lot of bad news this week and needed to process it all. That news coupled with the tragedies happening in the world, Puerto Rico, Las Vegas, its left me with a heavy heart. As I walked I felt the sunlight on my face and despite all the sadnes …

What is the year’s color?

Pantone is about to announce their Color of the Year for 2015 for interior design as they do every year in the first week of December. The announcement always generates excitement since the Pantone Color Matching System is used industry wide by furniture, textile, and wall covering companies acr …

32 Savory Recipes Inspired by Pizza

Pizza is a fan favorite but the standard pepperoni or Hawaiian can get a little old. There are so many ways to enjoy all the savory flavor pizza has to offer. Think outside the (pizza)

Avocado Dip

Here at Remodelaholic we love all things home decor and DIY, but we also love RECIPES. While we will continue to share our latest and greatest remodeling projects we want to start sharing some really


Melt in your mouth red velvet cookies with a sweet and gooey cream cheese filling. This cookie is rich and fluffy. Your favorite cake in cookie form.