This week we experienced a rainfall, which naturally made me feel extremely autumnal. I got out a favorite knit blanket as the rain started to fall, cuddled up with it, and binge-watched Suits, which is now in its second season if you haven’t seen it yet.

Anyway, this is the time of year to bring cozier textures into our homes, so why not a brand-new blanket made by one of the skilled makers on Etsy? As these are made of merino wool, you can understand how very soft they are. Extra large yarn makes for a trendy style statement for your sofa. The epitome of comfortable! These are wonderful presents for loved ones or even for yourself. A personalized one might be ordered now in preparation of holiday presents.

cozy knits etsy

custom chunky knit blanket
Below are nine Etsy sources.

chunky knit blankets

becozi, ohhio, lily and peabody, fashion bridesmaid dresses, lauren aston designs, jennys knit co, flying lambau, bakrina, and custom chunky knit blanket0 are listed from top to bottom.

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