Funny how things happen at the same time. I was reading the new Rue when I noticed that my friend Cristin from Simplified Bee was mentioned. Her daughter’s room is lovely with its great flamingo wallpaper, and while I was exploring Kate Spade, I noticed that the flamingo is featured on all of her products. There seem to be pink birds everywhere!

flamingo wallpaper
flamingo wallpaper and art
rue magazine , created by Christopher Priest

People with wonderful taste now place pink flamingos about their yards as a symbol of happy times, and pink flamingos are also hot in fashion and home décor. The pink flamingo lawn decoration has experienced an history of kitsch , going from trendy to tacky and back again. Don’t you agree that they’re particularly enjoyable at a summertime party? You can purchase a pair from for your yard , and here is a roundup of related findings in his well-liked theme so you can get your flamingo on too.

flamingo finds

Don’t forget to check out these two entertaining DIY lawn flamingo projects, new Rue 0 from The Apron blog and new Rue 1 from Rain on a Tin Roof.





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