A toilet bowl form with a hidden trapway is called a skirted trapway. On the other hand, a typical toilet has an open trapway.

One-piece and two-piece toilet designs both offer a number of perfect characteristics. Depending on your demands, different skirted toilets may be the ideal choice for you.

We’ve examined some of the top skirted toilets available. Many of them are sold on Amazon and feature water-saving high-efficiency designs.
Some also include toilet seats that are ADA-compliant and at a comfortable height.
The top brands to choose from when purchasing a new toilet include Kohler, American Standard, Woodbridge, Swiss Madison, and Toto.

Overall, the Toto toilet with a round bowl is our top option. The high-quality flushing system utilizes just 1.28 GPF for a forceful flush, and the chair height is comfortable.


CST243EF Toto Toilet

Toto is renowned for producing toilets with high efficiency features like jet siphons and tornado flush mechanisms.

One of the greatest options for a skirted toilet is this two-piece model from Toto. Because of the lightweight construction, it is simpler to install than a one-piece design, making it useful for folks who do their own plumbing without a plumber.

A compact bathroom is also perfect for the round toilet bowl.
The toilet features a 12 inch conventional rough-in size. The bathroom design is ADA compliant thanks to the universal height toilet model.
This is a perfect fit if you’re redesigning a bathroom for an elderly person or someone with mobility concerns.
A stronger single flush is possible thanks to the WaterSense flushing technology. Your chances of having a clog are lower.
The toilet is EPA compliant and has a CALGreen certification at the same time. Using Toto’s Cefiontect technology, materials won’t adhere to the bowl.
Only a few potential downsides exist. One is that you will need to purchase a toilet seat separately because one is not provided.
This does, however, imply that, if you choose, you can spend money on a slow-close seat.

Another potential flaw is that this type can be less comfortable due to the absence of an expanded bowl. However, the compactness is helpful in small bathrooms.

FEATURES WaterSense technology, EPA and CALGreen compliance, and a strong flushing system with 1.28 GPF small, rounded bowl with a cotton white finish PROS For people with impairments, Universal Height complies with ADA standards. Small and perfect for usage in bathrooms water-saving, environmentally friendly flushing system Installing and connecting to the supply line is simple. CONS Perhaps the round seat is less comfy. There is no toilet seat provided; you must buy it separately. Buy The CST243EF Toto Toilet On Amazon


2887218.020 American Standard Toilet

Those looking for an expanded bowl will appreciate this conventional toilet option. Additionally, it comes in three different hues.

Although this choice is a little more expensive than some others available, the features more than make up for it. We wholeheartedly endorse this toilet, provided you have the funds to do so.

The toilet also employs technology that is comparable to that of American Standard products like the Cadet 3. EverClean technology is used on the surface to prevent stains on the bowl.

No need to worry about mold, mildew, or offensive germs. Additionally, the bowl is constantly scrubbed clean by the siphon jets that surround the rim.
A limited lifetime warranty is included with all of the chinaware. The entire mechanical component set is likewise covered by a five-year warranty.
The 2-inch glazed trapway reduces friction and stickiness, reducing the likelihood of jams.

The dual flush technology is another another significant advantage. This dual flush toilet helps you save money on your electricity bill by using less than a gallon of water to flush liquid waste.

All WaterSense and other EPA regulations are met by it.

FEATURES elongated, comfortable design Antimicrobial EverClean finish No-friction trapway with glazing siphon jets with powerwash chinaware has a lifetime warranty, whereas mechanical items have a five-year warranty. Technology for two flushes PROS huge water savings with dual flush Cleaning is rarely necessary because to the siphon jets and EverClean finish. The best warranty available in the industry incredibly cozy elongated bowl Three hues are offered to complement any bathroom’s decor. CONS For those with mobility concerns, a standard height might not be the ideal choice. Toilet seat must be purchased separately Buy The 2887218.020 American Standard Toilet On Amazon is more expensive overall.

Toilets by Kohler

Kohler K Toilet

The Kohler K series includes a number of models, including the K-39980. It is one of Kohler’s top models of skirted toilets.
Even while it isn’t the most affordable choice on the list, it is still much less expensive than several.
The model has a conventional height and an extended bowl. A 12-inch rough-in is needed.

You can sit comfortably for extended periods of time because of the additional bowl area. This choice is also compact enough for a tiny bathroom despite its extended shape.

Using the proprietary Class Five technology, the bowl can be exceptionally clean in general. It flushes a significant amount of garbage simultaneously without clogging.
The model utilizes 1.28 gallons per flush, which is an efficient amount, like the first two selections on the list.
Installation simplicity is another perk. Three bolts are already attached to the tank, which expedites the assembly process.

This makes it a fantastic choice for individuals looking for a two-piece that is suitable for DIY. The DryLock device also stops potential leaks from occurring during installation.

FEATURES Compact size, EPA-compliant elongated bowl, 1.28 GPF quick installation without leaks Class Five flushing system with a patent PROS Comparatively affordable to some of the competition It looks that the toilet seat is included The installation process is quick, easy, and leak-free. The comfortable elongated seat is nevertheless compact enough for small spaces. For people with joint problems, standard height is not ADA accessible. apparent lack of a soft closing seat Buy The Kohler K Toilet On Amazon

LAST THOUGHTS The same features and technology found in regular toilets are also available in skirted toilets. They just have a secret trapdoor.
You should take into account your budget, comfort, available space, and cleaning simplicity while selecting the best skirted toilet.
The Toto is our favorite choice overall. It includes a sophisticated tornado flush system and can fit in small spaces.
This keeps the bowl clear and prevents obstructions.

Thanks to its dual flush technology, the American Standard is the ideal option for maximum efficiency. Less than a gallon of water is used while flushing liquid waste.

That significantly affects your utility bill!

We advise the Kohler K if you’re looking for an extended bowl that fits in a tiny bathroom. This toilet is designed specifically for small places. It doesn’t protrude from the wall too far.

But there is enough room in the seats for you to feel comfortable. Just keep in mind that people with impairments may find the standard height uncomfortable.





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