I completed my five-year-old daughter’s bedroom over the weekend. Walk with me through this room filled with flowers as we recall all the do-it-yourself tasks that went into creating the finished product.

Simple sheers in blush pink and white with a glass knob pole from Target are used as the window treatments in the photo below. For naps or bedtime, she has an interior mount shade underneath. The tufted bench with silk upholstery that you may recall from AAA.

A little indulgence was made on the bedding. It has matching euro shams and is the Bedding of Roses from the Land of Nod. Thoughts of creating my own version with two flat sheets and some ruffle trim crossed my mind, but since this blush pink was just right, I decided to purchase the set instead. I embroidered the bolster pillow myself and then added some ribbon accents. At Marshalls, the paisley pillow cost $10.

I have a nightstand next to her bed that I purchased for $3 at a yard sale last year. I spray-painted the decorative pull a light pink after painting it white. The jewelry holder I created with this project last week. I purchased this handmade doll from a nearby store many years ago.

A long-ago-built dollhouse, made by Mr. CG, is placed next to the bedside. My college-era coffee table serves as its base. Since the table is ugly, I covered it with a gathered tablecloth made from Waverly fabric with another paisley print. Under the skirt, we conceal shoes and playthings. Her dollhouse furnishings are all maintained in order in some Michaels baskets and some hat boxes from the Land of Nod.

Then there is the glitzy, feminine closet that I mentioned in in this post . I adore the striped wall, the beaded velvet drapes, and the 0 sign above.

1 from last month is next to the closet, and 2’s oak-painted mirror is hung above it.


An old milk glass vase filled with peonies is on the dresser. A small amount of toile I is used to create the fringed table runner, which is an easy sewing project. Some adorable small hooks for holding feminine items like purses or tutus can be found behind the door. I’ll use them to hold her robe and sweaters as well. The cherry tree mural from 4 is in the corner.


The adorable small green painted desk from 6, which I purchased from a nearby thrift shop for less than $10, is mounted on the cherry tree wall. The dressing stool is made by 7. She uses her two of them for spontaneous tea parties.

And even though she has long ago outgrown her little ballerina slippers, I can’t bear to part with them. They are wonderful decorations!

So, here it is, completed at last. When daughter was just one, I paid $300 for a floor sample of the bed from a nearby store (and it was in storage for a year). The price and appearance were too good to pass up. In case you’re interested, I also made the chandelier in this thrift store transformation 0 many months ago. Last week’s this thrift store transformation 1 was used to create the canopy.

this thrift store transformation 2
this thrift store transformation 3
This person seems content in her nice small space!





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