I consider myself to be a lucky lady, and days like yesterday serve as a constant reminder of that. Even though my family and I live close to the seaside, we still have to travel a half-hour to get there. It’s a lovely journey, but when we get there, it’s usually chilly and foggy (to be anticipated in Northern California), but fortunately for us, yesterday wasn’t! The family enjoyed a relaxing afternoon at Bodega yesterday while performing the same kite and clam chowder adventure that we do numerous times a year.


I adore the ocean but also have a phobia of it. The visual beauty and rhythmic sounds of the waves crashing on the sand draw me in, yet the ocean’s strength still terrifies me because I nearly drowned in it when I was a young child after getting caught in an undertow. I’ve snorkeled in deep water, but I won’t swim in the waves because I find the attraction of a stunning Northern California shoreline irresistible.

cali coast

The kids always find a way to amuse themselves as well, digging for critters or constructing forts that the waves eventually sweep away.

girl sand

Unexpected sword fights and numerous failed attempts to fly a kite take occurred on the beach.

dad and son at beach
kite flying

Additionally, it is the location where all external noise disappears and the tranquil, rhythmic symphony of the waves takes over. The majority of the time, I merely observe everything from a distance, including the sound of the surf, the shifting light on the ocean, and the waves repeatedly coming in toward the coast.

toes in beach sand

And every now and then, I get surprised by something amazing and unanticipated.

horse and ocean

We stay for hours, being chilled by the cool evening breezes, and finally depart as the sun sets, admiring how the colors shift in the softer light.

bodega bay homes
bodega wharf




We brush off the sand and travel to The Tides Wharf for a cup of the best clam chowder within 50 miles after becoming windblown and content.


After a lovely day at the shore, we head home with full tummies and joyful hearts while the kids doze off in the backseat.

I do enjoy the fragrance of the seashore back home, even though we can’t spend every day there. Here are my three favorite beauty products that I use that perfectly recreate the feel of the beach, in case you’re stuck on land and unable to visit the shore anytime soon.


The first is Mario Badescu’s Summer Shine Body Lotion which is ideal for summer nights spent in summer bridesmaid dresses and has a delicate sheen and light tropical aroma. Next comes Bobbi Brown’s Beach Body Oil , which, if anything, perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the beach and suntan lotion. Every time I wear it, I get lots of compliments and it absorbs rapidly. The final product is Bumble andamp; Bumble’s Surf Spray , which is excellent for misting through wet hair to give it the appearance of having been exposed to the wind all day.

I hope everyone is having fun on this final day of the long weekend and the start of summer! Link up any of your favorite souvenirs from your travels because tomorrow is the Favorite Souvenir link party!

Last but not least, it is a day dedicated to remembering our dead warriors. We appreciate everything the men and women in our armed forces have done to safeguard and defend our nation. Today, we think of you.






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