1 What Causes Drywall Cracks? 3 How to Fix a Drywall Crack that Keeps Coming Back: Step by Step Step 1: Apply the Mesh Tape Step 4: Sand the Wall Smooth Step 5: Prime and Paint 5 You’ll probably have to deal with at least a few as your house ages because of natural settling and changes in humidity.

To make your repair endure longer if you’ve been patching the crack only to have it reappear, support it with drywall tape and joint compound.

WHY DO DRYWALLS CRACK? The good news is that drywall cracks are common and not always cause for alarm if you notice one in your wall. As a house settles or the humidity changes, drywall often cracks.

You can take action to make a repair that will endure longer if your crack is not the result of substantial structural damage, leaks, or rotting.

Here are the materials you need to repair your broken drywall before you begin. Any of these are available at your neighborhood hardware shop.

HOW TO CORRECTE A REPEATING DRYWALL CRACK: PASTE BY PASTE You need to add support, which you can do with fiberglass mesh tape, if you’re ready to put an end to that crack permanently. The patched area could slightly protrude from the wall if not applied properly, which is the only drawback even though this will likely permanently heal your fracture.

Apply the mesh tape in step one. Instead of being broken up into small bits, you want your tape to be in one single strand. Use more tape to conceal the crack if it curves or branches out.

Apply joint compound to the crack now by dabbing a small amount on the drywall knife. Apply the compound downward in a downward 45-degree angle, filling the crack and sparingly covering the tape.

45 minutes should be given for the compound to dry, or as instructed on the packaging.
Add a second, thinner layer after the joint compound is totally dry, feathering it out slightly.

Step four is to smooth the wall. PRIME AND PAINT QUESTIONS COMMONLY ASKED IN STEP 5 Use a spackle product like 3M Patch Plus Primer in one if you don’t have any joint compound on hand. On the market, there are additional crack-spackling products.

WHAT IS CAUSING MY DRYWALL OVER THE DOOR TO CRACK? CAN A DRYWALL CRACK BE CORRECTED WITHOUT TAPE? Fortunately, patching drywall gaps with tape is a DIY technique that anyone can complete.

The addition of mesh tape can assist offer support so the crack doesn’t continually resurfacing if your drywall is cracking due to your home’s typical settling or changes in humidity. And fortunately, you can do this yourself.





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