Never in my life have I felt this worn out. Last Friday, my brother and sister-in-law left their three kids at my door. They left right away while grinning ear to ear, and they didn’t come back to pick up their darlings until this past Tuesday afternoon.

I’m completely spent. I am so exhausted. And I salute any mother who has more than two kids under her care, especially if they are boisterous teenage boys.

sugar snake Having said that, I do proclaim that I enjoy being an aunt. Being an auntie must be similar to being a grandma to me.

I get to lavish them with goodies, enjoy their antics, and then joyfully turn them over to their parents at the end of the day. I like that now.

They implore me to go to a local novelty candy store. Call me a careless person, yet I give in to them.

They can purchase really boyish goodies there, such as monster gummy snakes. Even if they were consumed as weekend snacks, I find it amazing how they could possible digest them.

My nephews adore pulling practical jokes on obedient older cousins.
I am aware that this is startling, nasty, and repulsive.
And hilarious.
I would do anything to have even a fraction of their vigor.
boys jumping

I finally managed to get them to stay still for a short while when we were having a picnic with my mom today at a favorite local cheese factory .

Systmes de remplacement des
Watch how my nephews adore me and think I’m so cool as they gaze lovingly into my eyes.
They have to keep saying how much they love me as their favorite aunt.
They adore me utterly.
And both parties agree.





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