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Pizza is the ultimate quick weeknight dish. We buy it so frequently that it has become almost a weekly ritual. Now that we have tried numerous homemade pizza recipes, this one pan deep dish pizza is the only one that comes close to restaurant standards.

Our one-pan pizza is flavorful and cooked in a sizable cast iron skillet. Since creating this pizza, I haven’t been able to properly appreciate another one. I will no longer eat any other pizza.

one pan deep dish pizza 2

By utilizing pre-made chilled dough, we kept the recipe straightforward. I flattened out the dough, covered it in butter, folded it up, and chilled it while I chopped the toppings to make the bread flaky.

one pan deep dish pizza 3

I made the marinara sauce according to the instructions in this skillet lasagna recipe. I just combined all the ingredients in a dish and dumped it over the pizza instead of bothering to cook it in a saucepan. There was no need to dirty another pot because the flavor mixed while it cooked.

one pan deep dish pizza 4

Before adding the sauce and toppings, cover the crust with mozzarella cheese to prevent it from getting soggy. I tried to find toppings that the entire family would like. I used a mixture of Italian sausage and ground beef. It was similar to topping the pizza with miniature meatballs.

one pan deep dish pizza 5

Before adding it to the pizza, the meat does not need to be cooked. The pizza bakes for long enough for the meat to finish cooking inside the oven. When it’s finished, it can appear a little runny when you take it out of the oven. Do not fear; as it cools, the liquid will thicken. Slice it up after the sauce has set and enjoy! This pizza definitely requires a fork and knife, but it is well worth it.

A SINGLE SKILLET DEEP-DISH PIZZA A tasty and straightforward deep dish pizza. Recipe Print

one pan deep dish pizza 2

15 minutes for preparation Time to Cook: 45 minutes Total: one hour EFFECTIVENESS CRUST Second, containers Pizza Dough Corn Meal in the fridge 1 stick of softened sauce made with butter or margarine 2 cups of tomato-crushed 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 teaspoon salt, and 1 teaspoon red pepper flakes 1 teaspoon of garlic salt 1 teaspoon of onion powder black pepper, teaspoon Italian spices TOPPINGS Sliced 1 lb. fresh mozzarella cheese, 1 lb. spicy or sweet Italian sausage, and 1 lb. ground beef sliced medium onions sliced red bell pepper sliced yellow bell pepper 1 cup of shredded Italian cheese INSTRUCTIONS 1) Spread cornmeal on the tabletop, then slice the pizza. Pizza dough should form a single, sizable ball after being well combined with cornmeal. Roll out the dough. Dough should be covered in softened butter before being rolled into a cylinder. One end over the other, fold the dough into three equal pieces. Form a ball by pressing the edges together. Put the dough in a basin that is only barely covered, then refrigerate it until needed. 3) In a medium bowl, mix the ingredients for the sauce and the smashed tomatoes. Sauce should be set aside until use. 4) Set the oven to 375°F. 5) Create a dough circle with a diameter of about 15 inches. Over a 12-inch cast iron skillet, spread dough. Work the dough up the edges and over the bottom of the skillet. 6) Spread mozzarella cheese slices over the dough. 7) Spread sauce over the cheese. 8) Combine ground meat and sausage. Slice meat into quarter-size pieces and distribute them over the pizza. The oven will cook the meat. 9) Add bell pepper and onions on top. 10) To create the pizza crust, roll up the dough’s edges. Then use melted butter to brush the crust. eleven) Bake for 45 minutes. Once finished, let sit for ten minutes. Servings: Try these additional 4 delicious recipes:

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