Exploring Bergen by foot

Greetings friends! My apologies for the radio silence this week, I was enjoying my last few days in Norway and decided to take the time to recharge my batteries instead of spending time on my laptop. I just returned last night from an 8 day adventure in Norway and loved every minute! I spent a f …

Sensational fashion

Itand#039;s been quiet on the blog the last two weeks, thanks for your patience with me.I took a week off at the end ofDecember, and Iand#039;ve spent the last week visiting with family and working on the flip house in Las Vegas. I made a lot of progress, the kitchen backsplash is installed and on …

A Ball Float Is Not Necessary To Fix A Running Toilet

The ball float of your toilet is vital for controlling the water supply. But not every toilet tank is built with a toilet float. If you need a DIY solution for a running toilet, you’ll need to find out why the toilet keeps running. If you can’t figure it out,

How to Clear a Clogged Toilet of Poop

Nothing is more frustrating than unclogging a toilet bowl filled with poop. Most of the time, you can use a DIY solution before you have to call a plumber. You can still use a plunger on a visibly clogged toilet, and a toilet brush helps you clean afterward. These are

Why is the water in my toilet brown?

Finding brown water in toilet bowls can be a nightmare, especially if you don’t know where it came from. There are several potential causes of the brown color. Some of these can be fixed with at-home solutions, but in other cases, you’ll want to call a plumber. If you’re asking,

To Seal A Bathtub Drain, Silicone or Plumbers Putty?

If you’re sealing a bathtub drain, is it better to use plumber’s putty or silicone? The answer depends on the drainage pipe. You need to know exactly where you’re sealing to determine which material works better. As a general rule, plumber’s putty is ideal for simple drain projects. It molds

A day trip to Cassis

Winter is here for a few more months, and its the rainy season in Northern California. The rain is at first charming, but then quickly becomes dreary. While I await the warmer weather of spring and summer, I recall the day trip I took to the seaside town of Cassis in the south of France in Sept …

10 Tours of Tiny Homes

Just about everyone starts the new year looking around their homes thinking Ugh, how did I acquire all this stuff accompanied by the immediate need to purgeit all. We go around and around with this cycle every year, consuming as the months go by then looking back with frustration and declutte …

Home Decor Contest

Hello hello, it’s a lovely giveaway today for you, all of my dcor loving friends! Love Feast Shop has been a long time supporter of this blog and they have an online boutique filled with the most charming finds! This giveaway is brought to you by Love Feast Shop, known for their series of …

Happy Holidays to All!

Christmas week hellos everyone! Iand#039;m taking the rest of the week off from blogging to enjoy the family fun and games here in Las Vegas. Opportunities are so few for me to see my cousins and siblings and my nieces and nephews since we all live in separate parts of the country. Our tree is dec …