1 What is HGTV Home Town Takeover? 2 Will Home Town Takeover Be on HGTV? Who Are The Hosts for Home Town Takeover? Does Ben Actually Do the Work on Home Town? Are Ben and Erin Moving to Alabama? How Many Seasons of Home Town Takeover? Is Home Town Staged? Conclusion An HGTV program called Home Town Takeover features home renovations and restorations in small-town America.

The reason why Home Town and its spin-offs have maintained such strong viewership figures is because of the endearing hosts and fantastic design.

And if you’re one of those viewers, you might be wondering if Home Town Takeover will return in the future. Here is all the information you require.

WHO ARE THE HGTV HOME TOWN TAKEOVER STARS? Ben and Erin Napier, a married couple, renovate multiple homes on the HGTV program Home Town Takeover, effectively giving a small town a facelift.

Ben and Erin restore homes in Wetumpka, Alabama, as part of the Home Town Takeover television series. They leave their home town of Laurel, Mississippi.
Will HGTV air HOME TOWN TAKEOVER? Yes, on May 2, 2021, the premiere of Hometown Takeover aired.

Another Home Town spinoff named HomeTown Kickstart will premiere on HGTV in 2022. Ben and Erin will travel to six tiny towns in the United States for this program in order to jumpstart improvements and rejuvenate the community.


Home Town Takeover is hosted by Erin and Ben Napier. Married and residing in Laurel, Mississippi is Ben and Erin.
Erin is a designer and holds a degree in fine arts. Ben founded Scotsman Co., has a history degree, and works with wood.
The couple runs the Laurel Mercantile Co. in addition to appearing in Home Town, Home Town Takeover, and the Home Town Kickstart.

IS BEN REALLY WORKING ON HOME TOWN? Ben is a skilled woodworker who frequently creates bespoke furniture, but he is not a contractor. Ben works with wood rather than overseeing subcontractors. aa9. Therefore, Ben does not perform the majority of the work featured on Home Town.

ALABAMA: ARE BEN AND ERIN RELOCATING THERE? Ben and Erin visited Wetumpka, Alabama, but it doesn’t seem like they’ll be relocating there. Ben and Erin instead call Laurel, Mississippi, home.

However, for their upcoming series, Home Town Kickstart, they will travel to six tiny communities in different parts of the country.

HOUSE TOWN TAKEOVER: HOW MANY SEASONS? Five seasons of the original Home Town and one season of Home Town Takeover have both already aired. It doesn’t appear that Home Town Takeover will return anytime soon.

However, the sixth season of Home Town should air in 2022. The couple will also play the leads in a brand-new spin-off titled Home Town Kickstart. Ben and Erin will go to six tiny towns across the nation for this presentation.

HOME TOWN: IS IT STAGED? Ben and Erin are the minds behind the design even though they don’t serve as contractors for the renovations on the show. Ben did, however, make a lot of the renovations’ custom furniture.

The fact that homeowners are not allowed to keep the things used for staging is arguably the biggest lie about the show. But they do get to keep the specially made furniture that was made for them.

CONCLUSION The original series Home Town will return for its sixth season sometime in 2022, even though it doesn’t appear that Home Town Takeover will return for a second season.

The couple will also appear in Home Town Kickstart, in which they will visit six small communities throughout the nation to launch revitalization initiatives.





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