In order to stop water from dripping from the base of the toilet, the wax seal on your bathroom floor is essential. Simple DIY home renovation items can sometimes fix a leaking toilet.

A new wax ring can be put on the toilet’s base, or the old one can be swapped out for a rubber watertight seal.

The wax ring from the toilet is not reusable. Every time you obtain a new toilet or do a toilet repair that calls for moving the seal, you’ll need to install a new one.

You must also replace the mounting bolts when you replace the seal.
A nearby hardware store should have new bolts, a screwdriver, and other supplies.

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You’ll need to follow a few procedures in order to replace the ring. You should have paper towels on hand to wipe up any water left over from a leaking toilet bowl.

Additionally, you should check to see if the finished floor has any water damage.
CLEAN OUT THE TOILET Cut the water supply line to the toilet in order to start. The procedure won’t leak as a result of this.
The supply line ought to have a hand-turnable handle attached to it. You might need to use an adjustable wrench if the handle is rusty.
Remove the toilet tank’s lid. Hold the handle down while flushing the toilet until the tank is empty.
The sewage line should receive the water as it passes through the toilet flange.

You should turn off the water as soon as you notice a leak near the base of your toilet. Clogs in the drainpipe can be removed with a plunger.

A shop vacuum can be used to remove extra water from the floor as well.
REMOVE AND DETAIL THE TOILET You must move and detach the toilet in order to replace the wax ring.

Disconnecting the water pipe from the tank is the first thing you should do. Next, remove any caps covering the bolts and washers on the toilet.

The caps may be taken off with a flathead screwdriver, although you might need to first WD-40 them if they are rusted.

Apply your adjustable wrench to the washers and nuts to loosen them. Being careful is crucial since applying too much force could twist or bend the anchor flange.

Remove the washers and nuts to reveal the bolt holes. Make sure to carefully store these aside where they’ll be simple to find again if you don’t have replacements.

The toilet can then be moved. If the model is two pieces, you can take the tank apart first to make lifting the bowl simpler.
Typically, two people are required to lift a one-piece toilet.
To still have access to the base, set it atop wooden stoppers.

You might discover that the toilet has been caulked to the floor in some situations. If so, you can carefully cut through the caulk with a putty knife until the toilet is free.

DISPOSE OF THE OLD WAX RING. Your main task now that you have access to the floor is to take out the old wax ring. Before reinstalling the toilet, you’ll also need to take care of any water damage.

In this manner, you can fix the floor without having to go around the appliance.
Put on some water-resistant gloves. To remove the seal from the toilet closet flange and the base itself, use your putty knife.
You’ll also remove any residual caulk from the floor and toilet at the same time.
Examine the flange. Is there any damage or cracking?
If that’s the case, you must replace it before continuing. If not, you may continue.

After removing the wax ring, block the drain with a substantial rag or towel. Otherwise, since the gasket isn’t stopping it, sewer gas might enter the house.

CHANGE THE BOLTS Whether you’re using fresh or old bolts will affect this step slightly.
You will insert the new bolts into the flange’s bolt holes. For ancient bolts, the procedure is the same with one additional step.
Before inserting each bolt, make careful to inspect it for damage and make sure it’s in good shape.
The opening and the bolts must be centered. Additionally, they must to be parallel to the back wall.
If not, your toilet could not be centered. A toilet that is swaying can also be caused by improperly tightened fasteners.
FIX THE RING. Once you’ve finished, attaching the ring is quite easy. Simply place it atop the flange.
Verify again if the centering is accurate.
The majority of toilet setups come standard with wax rings. They are frequently selected as well due to their resistance to mold and germs.
For years, some wax rings can be worn.

Wax rings, however, must be replaced each time they are harmed or moved. If you want a ring that you can reuse, you can think about getting one made of rubber or plastic.

In addition to functioning with any toilet size, these materials also have the benefit of not being limited to traditional sizes.

RESTORE THE TOILET The toilet will then be reinstalled, with the bolts covered. The toilet should finish up being centered and parallel to the rear wall if your bolts are positioned appropriately.

When placing the toilet on the seal, be careful not to jiggle it. Especially if the toilet bowl is hefty, this may require two people to complete.

To get the toilet base to stick to the new seal, gently twist it from side to side. Stop when the toilet’s base is firmly planted on the ground.

SECURE AND RESET THE TOILET CONNECTION This process is quite simple.
You must first tighten the bolts. To protect each bolt from harm, cover it with a washer.
Next, tighten the nuts into position. To prevent the toilet from tipping, tighten the bolts as much as possible.
The water supply can then be restored to the toilet. Bolt the tank back to the bowl if it’s two pieces.
After that, re-insert the hose into the tank.
After turning on the water, flush the toilet. You can use this to determine whether the seal will leak or not.
If it doesn’t leak, you’re prepared to caulk the base. This will increase stability and guard against the wax’s deterioration over time.
If you don’t anticipate moving your toilet again for a while, it’s the best solution.
LAST THOUGHTS A leaky toilet may not always require a complete replacement. The wax ring might only need to be changed.
This ring is essential for preventing water leaks around the toilet’s base.

The replacement of the ring involves simple processes. Remember that in the future, you should use rubber or plastic instead of wax if you want a reusable solution.

Switch off the water supply if you’re having a lot of trouble identifying the source of a leak. Your flooring will stay in good condition, and you’ll save money on water bills.

Afterward, get in touch with a plumber. Any problems can be evaluated and fixed by an expert.





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