Due to the season, I switched this month to wearing flip flops and tank tops. Since I’ve been preoccupied with greater undertakings, I haven’t given my house a summer makeover other than packing up the winter blankets and fluffing a few throw pillows. When the sun sets, the retractable screen door we installed on the French door in our kitchen leading to the backyard courtyard changes our lives. Happy CG = cool evening wind no bugs; that small luxury offers such joy.

I have only added the screen door to my home this season and am living vicariously through other people’s design choices. I adore the looks.
DINING CHAIRS WITH MIXED PAINT mismatched painted chairs
mismatched painted dining chairs
quatrefoil tile bathroom floor
dark vanity brass pulls patterned tile floor
ferns on mantel
shelf of plants

Check out my most recent piece about stylish indoor and outdoor planters for Lamps Plus for more ideas on botanically filled planters.

What wedding season looks are you swooning over?





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