In the midst of the holiday season, I made the decision to update a few things in my living room. I replaced the outdated chandeliers and sconces with more contemporary brass fittings. Besides installing picture frame wainscoting back in 2010, I also painted the walls white and put picture frame molding to the upper half of the walls.

I wanted to draw attention to a few of the art collections in my living room and hang some fresh pieces as well. I decided to paint the walls white to draw attention to the artwork, and I also decided to encircle it with the same thin, curved trim that is found on the wainscoting below.

I’ve teamed up with Arrow Fastener tools to demonstrate how simple molding can be used to enhance architectural character. The Arrow Fastener Electric Brad Nailer makes it simple to apply trim to doors or ceilings to create dimension or pattern.

With the Electric Brad Nailer , you may choose trim to add character to your walls, ceilings, or doors. Then, go out and get some trim. At Lowes, where they have a fantastic assortment for tasks like mine, I located my pre-primed wood trim.

For this wall molding project, I utilized one curved balsam wood.

I constructed this DIY tiered plant stand using the same Electric Brad Nailer that I had previously used. It loads quite quickly and can accommodate brad nails of different diameters. Plug it in, then start using it. New trim appears everywhere with a bang!

Measure out your rectangles on the wall, then cut 45 degree angles with a miter box or miter saw to add picture frame molding.

Use one nail to fasten the first corner to the wall. To build a complete rectangle, brad nail the middle and remaining ends of the pieces after using a level to ensure that your molding is completely straight.

Spackling can be used to hide any faults that the brad nails may have left behind.

When the new picture frame molding has dried, paint it the same color as your walls.

Observe your new architectural feature from a distance.

My living room now has four new rectangular frames, the first of which is on the wall next to the fireplace, where I change the art periodically during the year.


I retain the same artwork behind the sofa (which I moved out of the way for this photo), all special for different reasons, either inherited or acquired through travel.


I also included two more works of abstract art by the artist Nancy Knight , who I’ve long loved. I’ve long been a fan of her ethereal landscapes, and now my living room has these two hanging on either side of the window.


I adore how simply the black molding around the picture frame frames the artwork. That which I have always desired.

On Wednesday, I’ll have more pictures of vacation homes to share!

* Arrow Fastener tools has partnered with us to bring you this post. Visit their staple guns and get inspired in your own home! Every viewpoint is mine.





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