Last week, I unlocked the Christmas closet and pulled out a few bins of my favorite seasonal decorations, including sets of my beloved bottlebrush and reindeer trees and ornaments. They are layered all over the home once more. My aesthetic has become predictable; I combine white ceramics with metallic sheens and fresh evergreens, and it always makes me happy year after year.

A comparable version of the copper cowbell wreath I made last year, which just required a few decorations, ribbons, and copper cowbells to be tied to a flocked wreath I purchased from a nearby tree lot, is what I intend to create for my front door wreath. I probably spent 10 minutes putting it together, and I enjoyed it all season. Maybe I’ll add a string of lights this year.

Keeping things simple has allowed me to spend more time doing things like spending last night’s in-pajamas time with my kids or tonight’s trivia night with friends at the bar. It simply isn’t worth it to worry over decorating the house; this should be an enjoyable moment, not one marred by worry. Therefore, I discover that I do less and less each year, which gives me more time to genuinely enjoy the holidays.

As classic as they come and a representation of the holiday season are evergreen wreaths. If you share my sentiments, keep it straightforward by purchasing a basic evergreen wreath at a nearby lot or grocery shop to serve as your base. Then, go to a friend’s house to decorate it with them with ornaments, ribbon, or contrasting plants.

Online, I saw a variety of evergreen wreaths that seem easy enough to make with yard clippings or a base wreath.



What decisions have you made this season that are straightforward?





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