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With so many things to think about throughout the holidays, one way I prefer to be ready for entertaining is to keep my dining room decorated for the occasion. I’ve discovered that if I can have only the living room and dining room prepared and ready in advance, it relieves a lot of my stress and provides me more time to handle all the extra responsibilities this time of year.

I made a few improvements to the area in the fall and in preparation for the holidays, replacing the outdated curtains and light fixture. I have two dining hutches—one built-in and the other freestanding—where I keep everything I need for entertaining and decorating throughout the year.

As you may know, I adore white and bright places in my house, but I adore the comfortable atmosphere created by the combination of dark and light wood tones in the dining area.

I’m taking extra care to keep the hardwood floors clean and maintain their beauty because I recently invested in having them refinished. The creator of Orange Glo cleaning supplies asked me to discuss how I prepare my house for the holidays, and my dining room is the ideal location to do it.

POLISHED AND CLEAN SURFACE I adore the darker stain on my flooring, but I have to maintain them spotless and gleaming. I have to quickly sweep them each day, and I adore how the Hardwood Floor Everyday Cleaner smells so clean. Before carpool, I do this while answering a call or briefly listening to a favorite podcast.

The hutch is fifteen years old, and the wood cabinets are 10 years old. They don’t need to be cleaned every day, but I use 2-in-1 Clean andamp; Polish spray to restore their natural beauty once a week.

FESTIVE LAYER GARLAND ANDAMP; ORNAMENTS I rarely set the table during the year, but I enjoy doing it over the holidays simply because I’ve added sparkle to other areas of the house, so why not the dining room table? I don’t really believe in buying themed tablecloths or dinnerware; instead, I like to spend money on placemats and dishes that I can use all year long. A fragrant and long-lasting organic table runner is created by placing a botanical napkin surrounded by a gold ribbon belt next to the dishes, followed by fresh eucalyptus with ornaments nested inside.

I want friends to be gathered around to sip wine and tell stories when it’s cold outside and the house is lit up with twinkle lights.

CHANGE THE LUMINOUS I want nothing more than to be in a cozy and friendly environment. Using candles and twinkling lights always works! With both, it is simple to set the right tone. You may decrease the lighting to create ambiance and encourage guests to linger at the table.


Look to Orange Glo cleaning products to be holiday-ready wherever there is wood in your house, whether it be your dining room, living room, or bedroom! You may get them at your neighborhood Home Depot or Walmart.


*The creator of Orange Glo cleaning products and their line of fragrant clean and polish products for your floors and furniture are the sponsors of this article. We appreciate your support of the companies that sponsor this blog! Every viewpoint is mine.

The best of holidays to you all!





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