Last week, I experienced some nostalgia. Maybe it was because I had just started my tenth year of blogging. I was recalling the times when my friends and I would spray paint objects and receive 100 comments. We would also host link parties where we would share our most recent projects, as well as Twitter parties when we would all tune in to The Bachelor together and tweet about it. They were pleasant times.

Thanks to everyone who left such wonderful comments on my previous post regarding the kitchen renovation of the flip house. I truly appreciate all of the encouraging comments! One stood out to me because of the topic:

I borrowed the brighton style chinoiserie armchairs that you have previously seen in this sunroom for the kitchen photo shoot. They were hidden beneath some quilts when I found them several years ago in a fantastic vintage/thrift shop in Las Vegas.

So when I saw this listing a few months back, it kind of blew my mind.

12 hundred bucks!
Then there is AAA1!

Although I think they’re pricey, the fact that I was able to find mine for $50 for the pair made me feel wonderful.

I’d like to think I have an eye for finding amazing finds at garage sales. Do you recall this $10 cabinet makeover? This turquoise bamboo chest, These end tables from the 20th century? Ah, the good old days, when we would buy things at garage sales and refurbish them. Between 2009 and 2013, I did it frequently, and I documented those transformations on the blog before I slowed down and started working on bigger room remodels.

So tell me, fellow design enthusiasts, what is your best or greatest thrift store find. I encourage all of you bloggers to revisit your earlier entries. What is your favorite makeover that you can share?

Tell me about your best vintage or thrift store find if you’re not a blogger. I’m interested in learning more.





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