1 Can You Put Drywall in a Fire? 2 Whats the Burning Point of Drywall? Is it Safe to Burn Drywall? 4 Conclusion The majority of drywall is made of the soft material gypsum (calcium sulfate).

Two thick sheets of paper are placed on either side of gypsum to create drywall, and occasionally other materials, such as fiberglass, are added to increase the wallboard’s fire resistance. Although the drywall’s two layers of paper are flammable, gypsum is naturally fire-resistant, making burning it very difficult.

This is fantastic for homeowners, but not so wonderful if you’re attempting to get rid of a ton of drywall scraps.
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The answer is no, you shouldn’t burn drywall. Gypsum, which is calcium sulfate, makes up the majority of drywall, making it non-flammable. The gypsum portion of the drywall will not burn, but the paper on the outside will.

WHAT IS DRYWALL’S BURNING POINT? At roughly 480 degrees, the paper on the drywall sheets will catch fire. The majority of drywall manufacturers also claim that drywall may deteriorate at a temperature of roughly 176 degrees Fahrenheit. The gypsum itself does not ignite, though.

Water makes up about 20% of the weight of gypsum. It prevents igniting by releasing its water content when it is in contact with fire. The gypsum drywall will start to crumble or crack once all of the moisture has drained.

Additionally, it can be even more fire-resistant depending on the type of drywall you have. Some drywall kinds, such as type X or type C, have additives that raise their fire rating and prolong the drywall’s ability to resist burning.

CAN DRYWALL BE BURNED SAFELY? It’s dangerous to burn drywall. The Environmental Working Group claims that drywall produced prior to 2016 and drywall produced in other nations have been subject to very few rules. They’ve occasionally discovered dangerous chemicals like sulfur in them.

Gypsum board drywall burning could discharge hazardous gases into the atmosphere. Even if this weren’t the case, it would still be difficult to burn drywall, so it would be wise to find another way to dispose of it.

CONCLUSION Gypsum is a non-combustible, soft mineral that is the principal ingredient in drywall. The gypsum components of the drywall won’t catch fire, but the paper on both sides would.

Instead of attempting to burn off remnants of sheetrock or drywall, contact your neighborhood landfill or recycling facility.





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