How high off the ground should dry wall be?

Are you getting ready to hung drywall? If you are, learn how far the drywall should be off the floor and why you don’t want to let it rest on the floor. Click the link now.

How many wall screws are there in each sheet?

If youre working on your first DIY drywall project, knowing how many drywall screws per sheet is essential. The number of drywall screws will depend on the spacing of the studs in the wall. For newer homes, studs are usually 16 inches apart. A 4×8 sheet of drywall will require

Review of the Best Granite Composite Sink (2022 Review)

Considering a granite composite sink for your kitchen? Whether youre doing a complete kitchen remodel or are just replacing your sink, granite composite can provide an eye-catching accent to your home. Like granite countertops, granite kitchen sinks have been considered a luxurious addition to homes for decades. But in recent

How to Unstick a Stuck Faucet Aerator

When it comes to taking care of your house, you might be surprised by the number of things that require maintenance. Not only do you have to maintain appliances like your fridges and toilets, but you also have to maintain your plumbing. Your faucet aerator should be removed and cleaned

Overnight Reading

Do you ever wake up totally inspired to tackle a million things? Thats me today, I woke up early, made a big pot of coffee, designed a new fabric pattern, and ran to the craft store to pick up supplies for an idea I had late last night. Its going to be a productive weekend! Since itand#039;s rai …

Bathroom Metal Finish Combinations

My friends, I always have renovation on my mind, and my attention as turned to my master bathroom. The tile and cabinetsare too traditional for my taste so Im budgeting a remodel. Its not likely to happen anytime soon but its on the horizon. One detail Im nuts about in bathrooms is the mixt …

Trendspotting: Decor with Embroidery

While browsing for summer dresses I noticed a trend in fashion, embroidery is everywhere, on shoes, belts, jackets, etc. I love the look, the raised texture and modern motifs add a bohemian or edgy vibe to clothing. Im a fan of the artof embroidery and appreciate it when I see it. I remember w …

Baker Design Co. is highlighted.

Whenever I discover a great designer, I dive right into their porfolio, noticing the beauty of the spaces and the attention to detail. I stumbled across Baker Design Co. a month ago and loved the spaces created by Libby, the owner and chief interior designer. I emailed her to tell her how impres …

Coastal views on Etsy

I visit antique shops out of curiosity just to browse whats there. Every once in awhile something will speak to me and if its the right price and a good fit, I bring it home and put it out on display. Several years ago I stumbled across a rectangular seascape oil painting in a vintage shop and …