My dear friends, I’m always thinking about renovating, and for now, my focus is on the master bathroom. I’m budgeting for a makeover because the tiling and cabinets are too conventional for my tastes. Although it is not expected to occur very soon, it is possible.

The combination of metal finishes in bathrooms is one element I adore. While I went with all brass for the renovation of my modest powder room last year, I mixed chrome and black in the hall bathroom and master bathroom of the flip house (to be revealed).

Although there isn’t a regulation requiring you to blend metal finishes in bathrooms (or kitchens), after looking at the examples below, you’ll be considering it for your upcoming bathroom renovation. For instance, blending chrome and brass finishes or adding a hint of black to a collection of brass is a very nice idea.

The analytical breakdown and successful pairings are shown below, proving that mixing metal sheens in the bathroom is possible (and, in my opinion, should be done).

First, a combination of black and nickel or brass is always a good choice. Both synergize flawlessly. Observe how the black mirrors are combined with brass hardware and light fittings. Regardless of the color of the vanity, this is a timeless pairing that will never fail. In contrast to the black mirror in the other bathroom, the faucets in the first one are brass. Both appear fantastic.

Reverse the two, then choose black for the handles, fixtures, and faucet while making the mirror brass. great combination.

Additionally, you can combine the warmer tones of brass with the silver tones found in chome/nickel. These two can work well together rather than in competition. When one finish (the faucets) is polished and the other is brushed, this combination looks great (the sconces).

As before, matte brass hardware and sconces contrast with shining nickel faucets.

combined finishes of steel and copper? Yes, no issue. You’ll see that the mirror’s frame has a brushed surface, and the copper sconces are shining. Lovely.

black and copper? Fabulous! It works just as well as brass and black.

Black hardware complements light or white cabinets beautifully, but it is not a wise choice for black cabinets because the finish would be obscured. Metallic colors stand out against a dark background on black or dark vanities, but you should also think about adding a black sconce above the vanity to contrast the black cabinets, even if you choose gold or silver hardware.



If you’ve decided to go with a single finish for your mirrors and faucets, consider introducing a different metal in one location. The brass sconces in these bathrooms are the ideal polished detail, like a simple piece of jewelry. (Note the shower’s brass strip; it’s a wonderful touch.)


Why settle for two finishes when you can be daring and choose three? Have fun!

Both of these bathrooms include square brass mirrors and nickel faucets, however the top bathroom has brass hardware and sconces with a black finish, while the bottom bathroom has black hardware and brass sconces. Yes, nickel brass black is functional.


The same concept applies here as well; however, in this bathroom, in addition to the chrome faucets, there are also black mirrors and brass fittings.

See how the black mirrors and shower frame contrast with the brass hardware, sconces, and bathtub and sink faucets in brushed nickel.


The key takeaway is to not be scared to mix metal finishes in the bathroom since it adds character to the area and keeps it from looking overly coordinated.

How are you doing? How did you mix metal finishes successfully in your bathroom?
P.S. You might also enjoy inexpensive brass lighting and modern single handle kitchen faucets.





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