1 Our Best Granite Composite Sinks 2 What Are Granite Composite Sinks? Advantages Of Granite Composite Disadvantages Of Granite Composite 3 What Are The Different Types Of Granite Composite Sinks? Drop-In Sinks Undermount Sinks Dual Mount Sinks A Note On Granite Composite Sink Installation 1 Our Best Granite Composite Sinks 0 1 Our Best Granite Composite Sinks 1 1 Our Best Granite Composite Sinks 2 1 Our Best Granite Composite Sinks 3 1 Our Best Granite Composite Sinks 4 1 Our Best Granite Composite Sinks 5 1 Our Best Granite Composite Sinks 6 1 Our Best Granite Composite Sinks 7 1 Our Best Granite Composite Sinks 8 1 Our Best Granite Composite Sinks 9 2 What Are Granite Composite Sinks? 0 2 What Are Granite Composite Sinks? 1 2 What Are Granite Composite Sinks? 2 2 What Are Granite Composite Sinks? 3 2 What Are Granite Composite Sinks? 4 2 What Are Granite Composite Sinks? 5 2 What Are Granite Composite Sinks? 6 2 What Are Granite Composite Sinks? 7 2 What Are Granite Composite Sinks? 8 2 What Are Granite Composite Sinks? 9 Advantages Of Granite Composite 0 Advantages Of Granite Composite 1 Advantages Of Granite Composite 2 Have you given a granite composite sink for your kitchen any thought? Granite composite may add a striking touch to your house, whether you’re replacing your sink or remodeling your entire kitchen.

Granite kitchen sinks have long been seen as an opulent addition to homes, similar to granite countertops. However, more and more homes these days prefer granite composite.

We’ll explain what granite composite is in this article and why you would want to use it for your kitchen sink. We’ll also discuss the various varieties of granite composite sinks and how to pick the best one for your residence.

Naturally, we’ll also give you our top five picks for the finest granite composite sinks available right now.
When we’re done, choosing the ideal granite composite sink for your kitchen should be simple for you.

OUR BEST COMPOSITE GRANITE SINKS Advantages Of Granite Composite 3 (Our Top Pick) Advantages Of Granite Composite 4 (Best Budget) Advantages Of Granite Composite 5 (Best High End) Advantages Of Granite Composite 6 Advantages Of Granite Composite 7 GRANITE COMPOSITE SINKS: WHAT ARE THEY? constructed from a composite material that includes acrylic resin and real granite stone dust and is molded into the shape of a sink basin. Thought to be fake or replica granite by some, granite composite is really produced from real stone. Simply said, the stone isn’t solid.

Granite composite may also include other kinds of stone besides granite. Most people use quartz.

GRANITE COMPOSITE BENEFITS The use of granite composite sinks has some benefits.

For starters, granite composite is more durable than many other materials used to make sinks that are comparable to granite. It is heat- and scratch-resistant, as well as resistant to chipping and fading.

Unlike with cast iron, you won’t experience corrosion or rust issues.

Granite composite, as opposed to pure granite, is non-porous, which helps it resist stains, improves its hygienic qualities, and makes it simpler to clean and maintain.

Since it is inherently sound-absorbing, you won’t experience the same noise problems as with stainless steel.
But it’s still fairly lovely. Granite composite sinks look like natural stone sinks while offering the durability of a stainless steel sink.
It comes in a huge variety of hues, although neutrals are by far the most popular.
Despite all these benefits, granite composite is still less expensive than a solid granite sink.

CONTRAINS OF GRANT COMPOSITE However, granite composite has certain drawbacks as well.

Although not as hefty as solid stone, this sink material can be pretty heavy, thus your countertops will probably need some support to hold the sink’s weight. Granite composite is nevertheless more difficult to maintain than the majority of other sink materials, despite being easier to keep than granite.

You won’t be able to get away with simply rinsing your sink after use, unlike some sinks. After usage, you should wipe your granite composite sink dry to prevent discoloration and mineral buildup that would diminish the color of the sink.

Use a scouring pad and a mild abrasive cleaner like Soft Scrub or Bar Keepers Friend for stubborn stains. Avoid using steel brushes and steel wool.

Mineral oil should also be used to the sink on occasion to keep the granite composite glossy and the color vivid.
For granite composite, there isn’t an one standard, though. Granite composite made by one manufacturer will often differ from that made by another.
Because of this, always adhere to the cleaning and maintenance recommendations provided by the manufacturer.

Additionally, because of this, differing levels of durability are offered by different granite composite sink manufacturers. To guarantee you’re buying a high-quality granite composite, carefully check the manufacturer’s claims on heat resistance and other durability factors.

Despite being less expensive than granite, granite composite is still a luxury sink material and will cost you more than most other sink materials.

WHAT TYPES OF GRANITE COMPOSITE SINKS ARE THERE? There are three main categories of granite composite sinks, just like there are for sinks constructed of other materials. Depending on how the sink is built, these groups exist.

All sinks, with the exception of pedestal sinks, which are self-supported, necessitate a countertop cutout for the sink basin. To make it simpler to set it straight without damaging your cabinetry, sinks generally come with a cutout template.

DROPPING IN SINKS Sinks that are drop-in or top mount have a rim around the edge. They are only dropped into the cutout, and the sink is supported by the rim that rests on the counter around the edge of the cutout.

Almost precisely as simple and basic as it sounds, this style of installation might collect dirt along the rim’s edges, making cleaning a little more difficult.

Faucet holes are often predrilled into the rim of top mount sinks.
Substantial Sinks Undermount sinks are mounted underneath the sink’s counter. Undermount sinks feature a rim, just like drop-in sinks do.

The rim must, however, be aligned from underneath with the cutout’s edges. Once the sink is in place, clips inserted with previously applied adhesive to the rim hold it in place.

There is no rim around the top of the sink, thus this installation method is obviously difficult. As a result, messes on the counters may be simply brushed into the sink and dirt won’t collect around the rim.

Usually, the rim is too narrow to accommodate faucet holes. It will be necessary to drill faucet holes directly into the counter.

SINKS WITH TWO MOUNTS Dual mount sinks are an alternative to top mount and undermount sinks. There is no particular installation style for these sinks.

Instead, they are made to be mounted similarly to top mount or undermount sinks. The flat rim can be fastened to the floor or allowed to rest on top of the counter.

Dual mount sinks are a fantastic alternative if you want a top mount sink but don’t want the bulky rim, or if you want to change your sink now but plan to replace your countertops later. Dual mount sinks often have faucet holes built in since they may be mounted in either direction.

A NOTE ON THE INSTALLATION OF GRANITE COMPOSITE SINK You might not want to rely solely on these installation techniques to hold the weight of your granite composite sink because they can be rather hefty, especially if you’re using a countertop made of a weak material.

To support the weight of your sink, additional support systems like straps, under-counter braces, and cabinet brackets can be required. Because the sink can be more simply and covertly supported by the rim rather than only the bowl, undermount sinks are frequently preferable for use with these types of supports.

WHAT CHARACTERSISTICS ARE KEY IN THE BEST GRANITE COMPOSITE SINK? But how can you pick the ideal premium granite composite sink for your requirements? There are a few things to bear in mind, though.


One option is between a single and double basin sink. Because you can use a two-basin sink for two things at once, it is practical.
You could, for instance, use one side as a drying rack or for dishwashing while saving the other for washing.
However, a single basin sink’s lack of a separator creates a wider continuous space that is perfect for cleaning big pots and pans.
Although single-basin sinks are more and more in style, there isn’t necessarily a superior design. Simply put, everything comes down to personal preference.

Similar to that, size is an additional factor. Yes, the most of us would definitely adore a lovely, big sink with enough room for everything we could possible want to do, but keep in mind that your space may have other restrictions.

How are the dimensions of your counter and cabinets a constraint on the size of sink you can select?

A large sink can take up important counter space in a small kitchen and feel out of proportion with the room. On the other side, perhaps you’re not much of a chef and believe a tiny sink is preferable to save counter space for preparing takeout, making sandwiches and cereal, and carefully situating your coffee machine.

A little sink can, however, appear out of place and dwarfed in a big kitchen. A larger sink is probably preferable when in doubt, provided that it fits within your available space, as many of us have experienced occasions where we wished we had one, but very few of us have ever experienced the opposite.

WARRANTY In the majority of sink reviews and roundups, we’d usually discuss the importance of selecting a sink constructed of a strong, high-quality material. Obviously, we are only discussing a single material in this instance, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still consider durability.

But for granite composite sinks, that means taking into account the guarantee that comes with the sink. A strong warranty demonstrates the manufacturer’s confidence in their product and helps to ensure that you are covered in the event that a problem arises because granite composite varies between manufacturers.

APPEARANCE Although utility unquestionably has the greatest impact on your daily life, appearance also matters. Thanks to the wide variety of colors and shapes that granite composite comes in, it should be easy to choose one that complements your kitchen’s style.


More and more sink manufacturers are producing accessories to go with their sinks, yet they are scarcely necessary. These add-ons might be useful for keeping your sink clean and protected or for just adding to your convenience as you wash and cook.

Certain accessories are more prevalent than others.

For instance, almost all producers produce drain assemblies, covers, and strainers to match their sinks, whereas garbage disposal flanges or adapters are often sold along with the disposal. A lot of manufacturers also produce metal grids that serve as a useful drying rack for glassware, cutlery, and other items as well as bottom sink protection.

Cutting boards and colanders that can sit on the edge of the sink are less popular but still very prevalent. There are further accessories, but they are less frequent.

While some manufacturers only sell some or all of these components separately, others include some of them with the sink.

I wouldn’t say the availability of accessories is a deal-breaker when selecting a granite composite sink, but if you’re torn between two sinks, having more or better accessories can influence your decision.

REVIEWS OF THE BEST GRANITE COMPOSITE KITCHEN SINKS Now that you are knowledgeable about granite composite sinks, let’s discuss some of the top models available.

Okay, so Elkay Quartz Classic sinks aren’t made of granite; they’re actually composed of quartz.

However, the two materials are fairly comparable in terms of both appearance and toughness, so individuals seeking for a granite composite kitchen sink will still find this sink appealing. Quartz composite is sanitary, cleanable, impact, heat, and scratch-resistant, just like granite composite.

Undermount sink with a single basin with dimensions of 24 x 18 x 9 inches, made of quartz composite. It comes in eight distinct color options.

PROS Granite composite’s durability and beauty a variety of color options Purchased separately, with a bottom grid, drain assembly, cleaning pad, microfiber towel, or all of those items plus an Advantages Of Granite Composite 8. CONS technically incorrect granite composite Light hues could be more susceptible to stains Advantages Of Granite Composite 9


There are (relatively) more reasonable options for kitchen sink materials than granite composite, which is not the most expensive. The Kraus Quarza is the choice we prefer.

This sink also contains quartz, as you can presumably infer from the name, but it’s a mixture of quartz and granite. Easy to clean, impact-resistant, and able to withstand temperatures of 650 degrees Fahrenheit is this double basin and dual mount sink.

Each bowl is 14 x 16 x 9.5 inches in size, and the whole thing is 33 x 22 x 9.5 inches.

PROS Reasonably priced includes a towel, drain strainer, and basket for the drain assembly. Lifetime limitation on warranties CONS Exclusively offered in Black Onyx Disadvantages Of Granite Composite 0



This Blanco sink might be ideal for you if cost isn’t really an issue.

Although it is also available in smaller sizes, the Blanco Diamond Silgranit Super Single Dual Mount Sink is a roomy single basin sink that measures 33.5 x 22 x 9.5 inches. Either a drop-in or an under-mount manner of mounting is available.

To keep your sink cleaner, the Silgranit material features an anti-bacterial coating.

There are no accessories included with the Blanco Diamond Silgranit Super Single Sink, however Blanco does produce an Disadvantages Of Granite Composite 1 and an Disadvantages Of Granite Composite 2, the latter of which can only be utilized with a drop-in installation.

PROS Lifetime limited warranty Nine different colors are offered, ranging from light hues like White and Biscuit to dark hues like Anthracite and Coal Black. a roomy size CONS High price Separate drain assembly purchases are necessary. includes no mounting clips Disadvantages Of Granite Composite 3

4. RUVATI 33 x 22 inch granite composite topmount kitchen sink.


The Ruvati 33 x 22-inch epiGranite Topmount Granite Composite Single Bowl Kitchen Sink is our second choice.

Ruvati’s composite granite blend, epiGranite, includes 85% crushed real granite and a special resin. It is completely pigmented to prevent discoloration and resistant to temperatures of up to 536 degrees Fahrenheit.

The surface has been treated to make it bacterial and stain-resistant. The rounded corners of the sinks make cleaning them much simpler.
It is a dual mount sink that is offered in a variety of colors for your convenience.

PROS Lifetime limited warranty basin 10 inches deep includes mounting clamps and a strainer drain assembly CONS A puddle is left in the sink, according to some reviews, because the sink doesn’t properly drain. Disadvantages Of Granite Composite 4



The Franke Gravity Double-Basin Drop-In Sink will serve as our final two-basin sink. The Franke Gravity features one bigger basin and one smaller basin, in contrast to the Kraus Quarza, the other double basin sink we’ve discussed, which had two basins of equal sizes.

The bigger basin is 17 x 18.75 x 9, while the smaller one is 16.5 x 11.50 x 8 inches. While you cook, the bigger left-hand basin is ideal for washing and stacking dishes, freeing up the smaller right-hand basin for rinsing, food preparation, and handwashing.

PROS Installation with a dual mount a bacterial barrier Heat-resistant to 536 degrees Fahrenheit, stain-resistant, and scratch-resistant Four colors are offered CONS potential for water spots Disadvantages Of Granite Composite 5

CONCLUSIONS REGARDING GRANITE COMPOSITE SINKS About concludes our discussion about granite composite sinks. Although each of these is a great choice, it is not the only one.

If you’re looking for a farmhouse sink, consider one of the apron front models made by Elkay, Kraus, or Blanco. If none of the ones on this list are just what you’re looking for, be sure to check out their other products as well because all of these firms actually produce a ton of other granite composite sinks in different shapes and sizes.





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