Nowadays, it’s difficult to have a conversation about food without bringing up the subject of avoiding gluten, dairy, sugar, or all of the above (Paleo). I start everyone off with a wonderfully healthy smoothie most mornings since at my house, we try to resist these temptations as frequently as we can.


YUMMY AND SIMPLE SUPERFOOD SMOOTHIES Here are 5 quick steps to making a great superfood smoothie to start your day.

1. I always start with coconut water as the smoothie’s foundation (which is low in calories and loaded with potassium). Alternatives include unsweetened vanilla almond milk or coconut milk. I use a total of 16 ounces of liquid because I’m feeding a small army (I have 3 kids and a smoothie-loving hubby). However, if you’re creating a smoothie by yourself, 8 oz is more than enough.

Spinach comes next. Indeed, spinach! You won’t taste it at all if you divide things out properly. Fill your blender to the top, lightly packing it in.

3. From there, add approximately one to one cup (total) of your preferred treats. Here are some combinations that have been a big hit in our house. If your fruit is not frozen, make sure to add some ice cubes.

Blueberries and bananas, both frozen (shown in picture below)
frozen mango, strawberries, and pineapple
Bananas and strawberries
frozen pineapple with strawberries
I occasionally include a dollop of almond butter or even entire almonds in my concoctions.
4. Mix away (for at least 30 seconds). Make sure the top doesn’t still have any entire leaves on it.
5. Present and savor!
***Bonus Tip: If you don’t rinse your blender and glass right away once you’re finished, the spinach won’t come off easily!
You might want to try this tropical smoothie as an alternative if dairy isn’t off-limits.

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