Can Drywall Be Stored in a Garage?

Yes, you can store drywall in your garage most likely, but there are a few things you should know beforehand. Also, how to stack it. Click the link to find out.

Roughness of Drywall Screws

If youre working on a DIY drywall project, youre probably wondering, do drywall screws rust? Black drywall screws contain a phosphate coating that makes them rust-resistant. Unfortunately, even though these screws are rust-resistant, it doesnt mean they cant eventually form rust. This is especially the case if the coating strips

The Best Way To Unstick A Faucet Handle

A faucet handle that is stiff or stuck can be a pain in day-to-day use and an extra challenge if you need to repair the faucet valve. You can try a few DIY tricks at home before having to go to the hardware store for a faucet handle puller. Before

Most effective undermount bathroom sink (2022 Review)

Considering an undermount sink for your bathroom renovation? Then youve come to the right place. This buying guide will tell you everything you need to know about undermount bathroom sinks. Well talk about what makes undermount sinks distinct from other bathroom sinks, what the different types of undermount sinks are,

Why is a Guest Room Great?

Last weekend, I did something Iand#039;ve never done before. I rented a room and stayed inside a strangerand#039;s house while I was exploring a new city. I came home from Seattle yesterday and instead of a separate apartment, while in town I rented a private bedroom and bathroom on Airbnb. It dawne …

Ceramic Tile Floors

I was reading Julias article about the villa usedin the film Under the Tuscan Sun, based on the book by Frances Mayes. The home featured is not the real Bramasole from the book, it was the home nearby that was used for the film, but its been completely renovated to capture that perfect Tuscan …

Overnight Reading

With all the recent travel, Im ready for a quiet weekend at home! Most people I know are off doing exciting things, not me. 🙂 Thats okay, June is shaping up to be a busy month, Ill be in Europe for two weeks and having a few other adventures too. This weekend Im organizing and cleaning my h …

Pendant Lighting in Black

Im halfway done updating my laundry room. I swapped out the oldwindow shade for wovenwoodand also the old round chrome pulls for matte brass (the same I used in this kitchen remodel). Soon Ill be building some new wood shelves, repainting, and redoing the floor too. The newest upgrade is th …

Overnight Reading

I have a busy travel week, I am taking a quick 36 hour trip to Las Vegas then just a few days later Im going to Seattle. In between, theres all the parental obligations. Since its May all the end-of-the-year projects are due, plus I have both a 6th and 8th grade promotion ceremonies to attend …