Can You Store Drywall in an Unheated Garage? What is the Best Way to Store Sheetrock in the Garage? Conclusion You might be curious about whether you can store drywall in the garage if you’ve bought it but haven’t gotten around to installing it yet.

Yes, as long as there is little precipitation and it is dry.

Moisture is the major problem with keeping drywall in a garage. Therefore, you shouldn’t store it in the garage for longer than a few days if you live in a humid environment if your garage leaks. However, it’s fine to keep drywall there for a long time if your garage has climate control.

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CAN DRYWALL BE STORED IN AN UNHEATED GARAGE? You shouldn’t keep drywall in an unheated garage for an extended period of time. This is due to the possibility of moisture development in garages without climate control. Your sheetrock may decay or sprout mold spores if moisture seeps into it.


stacking drywall

You must maintain your drywall level or rest it up against a wall so that it is off the ground when storing it in the garage. To accomplish this, arrange drywall blocks on the floor, cover them with a layer of plastic, and then stack the drywall on top.

(Ask the truck driver for drywall blocks if you are having your drywall delivered. Usually, they’ll provide these for free.)
After the drywall has been stacked, cover it with a tarp or a sheet of plastic to prevent moisture damage.
The vertical storage of the sheetrock is your second choice. Though there is a greater chance of sagging and perhaps tipping with this.
What to do if you’re willing to assume the danger is as follows:

Start by placing a piece of plywood close to a wall on the floor. After that, atop it, set another piece of plywood up vertically against a wall. In order for this vertical piece to remain in place, it should slant slightly. Now you may lean your drywall against the skewed plywood.

Once more, if moisture is a problem, cover it with a tarp for security.

CONCLUSION Risks associated with storing drywall in a non-climate-controlled garage include excess moisture, which can degrade the drywall. Therefore, keeping your extra drywall off the ground is the most crucial thing you can do if you plan to store it in the garage.

The drywall should be laid flat or propped up against the wall with drywall blocks, then covered with a tarp. Laying sheetrock directly on the garage floor may cause it to absorb moisture, which will cause mold and rot.





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