Good day and good Sunday! I appreciate everyone’s comments on the recent post about France and aspirations of living abroad; I really enjoyed reading about your unique experiences.

I had a lovely day yesterday eating seafood and taking in the sunshine at the annual fisherman’s festival in Bodega. Today, I’m preparing for my weekend vacation to Austin, Texas by doing a little touch-up painting around my home. If anyone has any recommendations for things I should do, eat, or see while I’m in Austin, please share!

favorites from the previous week are listed here!

I adore every little aspect of this AAA.
The artwork for Cassandras kitchen remodel was likewise superb.
stretching your decorating dollar advice from Nate and Jeremiah.

I appreciate Cristin sharing this beach house tour with us. More pictures in here .

how works is thoroughly explained by Carmel.
Wealthy people lack aa7.





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