Friends, happy Cinco de Mayo! This afternoon, I’ll be having tacos and margaritas with some pals. I’m working on a laundry room shelf project tomorrow, and I hope to offer an update on the space shortly! I

In the coming weeks, I’ll be traveling a lot. I’ll be returning to Las Vegas to finish the flip house’s master bathroom. I’ll be in Seattle for four days later this month, so if you have any recommendations for places to visit or sights to see, please let me know!

top links from the past week.

I adore the tranquil, plant-filled atmosphere of Maddy’s AA1.
In the Ojai Valley, a gorgeous casual, neutral home.
A small, stylish Parisian inspired studio in Montreal.

DIY inspiration It’s an IKEA rug turned tote.

saving money on kitchen appliances‘s trade secrets
Spice up your next taco night with these recipes.
Concepts for more spontaneous living.
To try 15 acts of self care.
Characteristics that show whether someone is trustworthy.
Advice for the Australian beach house0





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