My laundry room renovation is halfway complete. I replaced the original round chrome pulls with matte brass and the old window shade with woven wood (the same I used in this kitchen remodel ). I’ll soon be painting, refinishing the floor, and creating some new wood shelves.

This matte black and brass pendant light fixture is the newest improvement, and I adore it. This 15 wide Hinkley pendant replaces an older, more traditional chandelier by giving the room a more contemporary feel.

Many of the light fixtures in my house have been replaced with bronze, but I just adore the hint of black in this area. Black finishes give vital contrast, just as black hardware. I adore how open and contemporary this pendant is, with its concentric frame of rounded rectangular shapes as opposed to the more typical circles or ovals found in orb lights. Also a wonderful touch are the brass candle tubes!

I’m really happy with the $199 price I paid for the 15 version I selected out for my laundry area, which normally retails for $249. If you enjoy this aesthetic, you should know that available in three other shapes also comes in elongated and skinnier variations, both of which would look fantastic in a bedroom or workplace, respectively.

Black pendant lights are the ideal punctuation mark because they create a bold statement, especially in rooms with lots of natural light.

Take note of the elegant way that twin lights are suspended over a rectangle table in these dining rooms.

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I’m always on the lookout for attractive, reasonably priced lighting fixtures. You know how frugal I am, so here are several stylish and sophisticated black pendants that are all under $300, or technically under $400 if you count one.





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