This exquisite peppermint hot chocolate is the ideal Christmas treat for a cosy evening. A delectable dessert that pairs chilly peppermint with creamy chocolate is ideal for a Christmas spectacular or a calm evening.

Gourmet Peppermint Hot Cocoa | #recipe #cooking #beverage #hotchocolate #cocoa #peppermint #gourmet #holiday

GOURMET PEPPERMINT HOT COCOA Premium hot cocoa with peppermint flavor. Type of Recipe: Beverage Written by Foodieaholic Ingredients: 6 Servings unsweetened, premium cocoa powder in a cup (Dutch processed) 1 cup of sugar in powder and 1 salt-teaspoon 3 quarts of whole milk Half-and-half, two cups 1 tablespoon a teaspoon of Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract a teaspoon of Nielsen-Massey Pure Peppermint Extract Extract from pure chocolate by Nielsen-Massey Instructions Combine cocoa powder, sugar, and salt in a medium pot. Place over low heat, and while whisking continuously, add milk and half-and-half until mixed. Heat the mixture to the correct temperature while stirring occasionally and being cautious not to let it boil. Add the chocolate, peppermint, and pure vanilla extracts. Before serving, put a peppermint candy in the bottom of each mug for an extra kick of the flavor.

Gourmet Peppermint Hot Cocoa | #recipe #cooking #beverage #hotchocolate #cocoa #peppermint #gourmet #holiday

We’d like to especially thank Nielsen-Massey for sharing this holiday dish!





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