I did something I had never done before last weekend. While visiting a new city, I stayed in a stranger’s home and hired a room.

Instead of renting a separate apartment while I was in town, I booked a private bedroom and bathroom on Airbnb. I just returned from Seattle yesterday. I had the realization that the same features that made a great guest room when rented also made a fantastic guest room when a friend or family member was staying at your house.

So what characteristics do a superb guest room have? These were the tiny things that contributed to my excellent stay.

REQUIREMENTS FOR ACCESS Since I arrived while they were at work, my hosts gave me a code to open the Schlage mechanical deadbolt on their home. I entered the code and left whenever I pleased! If your configuration is different, giving your guests their own set of access keys is a thoughtful gesture that will prevent them from bothering you.

A COMFORTABLE ROOM FOR SLEEPING I reserved a separate room with a spacious, comfy bed that I could use on my own. (One of the benefits of going alone). It’s wonderful to offer a stack of brand-new towels as well.

I paid for a private room, but it’s not necessary to have a separate room if you’re hosting guests or relatives. If all you have room for is a cozy sofa or air mattress, that works well! All you need to do is provide some clean, fresh linens and blankets.

A CLEAN BATHROOM IS AVAILABLE It goes without saying, but it’s kind to provide any visitor towels and a tidy restroom. I was the only person using this adorable bathroom, and I adored the yellow floor tile and traditional blue wall tiles.

One item I noticed—and recently purchased for my own home—was the hideaway toilet scrubber/plunger in a sleek caddy. This is helpful to have so that your guests won’t have to inquire about the need for one in the future!

SUPER COMFY MATTRESSES Comfortable cotton sheets, pillows, and a down comforter within a duvet with an additional blanket on the bed were provided by my hosts. I got fantastic sleep in the bed as a result!

I also appreciated that they had two alternative pillow densities, one that was more full and one that was flatter, which I prefer. I require a flat pillow. Since everyone has a different choice, I appreciate that they offered two sizes.:)

Local maps and reference materials Like other people, I frequently use my phone’s GPS while traveling and receive a lot of information from it, but I still value a good map and guidebook! It aids with my rapid orientation. If you are hosting visitors from out of town, you might want to provide them some local knowledge in case they decide to go exploring on their own.

SEALED WATER BOTTLES AND A BASKET OF SNACKS This was a considerate amenity. It’s excellent to provide bottled water, a few small snacks, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate for out-of-town visitors.

PRIVATE PETS It’s crucial for visitors to be aware of any animals—dogs, bunnies, snakes, etc.—that may be present in the home. My dad cannot visit anyone whose home has a cat because of his allergy to cats.

Nigel, the dog owned by my hosts, was a sweetheart who would wag his tail and kiss my hand when he saw me but would growl whenever I came to the front door (good guy!).

The link to the Airbnb listing is below if you want to see more pictures of this living space.

FEW ADDITIONAL AND NECESSARY INFORMATION I didn’t have to trouble my hosts because a page with the relevant information was waiting for me. It contained the wifi password, dining suggestions, and specific housing instructions. For instance, they requested me not to operate the kettle, the hairdryer, and the towel warmer at the same time because the older home’s electrical system could only handle so much. It’s good to know.

GRANITE ACCESS My hosts informed me I could prepare whatever I wanted while I was there and encouraged me to use their kitchen. They also gave me coffee in the morning.


I brewed French press coffee here every morning, admiring their classic kitchen’s shaker cabinetry, dark green stone worktops, and terra cotta tile floors as I waited for it to brew.

I adored all the vintage accents in my gracious hosts’ stunning colonial home. Here’s a look at their built-in dining room.

Visit the Airbnb listing to see the rest of the house I stayed in when I was in Seattle.

Many people cringe at the thought of renting a room in someone else’s house, but I had the best time ever doing it! It’s crucial to check the evaluations left by guests if renting a home through a website like Airbnb (my favorite). My hosts were very nice and considerate, and they made sure I was at ease the entire time. They gave recommendations for excellent local eateries and tourist attractions, and I was so appreciative of their insider knowledge.

I strongly advise everyone to try out private room rentals! After all, strangers are merely undiscovered friends. Travel safely.





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