Why won’t my hot water heater refill?

Is your hot water heater not filling up? There can be multiple issues causing the tank to not fill up. We will go over 6 possible reasons and how to fix them.

Per Pound, How Many Drywall Screws?

If youre working on a drywall home improvement project, youve probably noticed that drywall screws come in boxes labeled in pounds rather than the number of screws on the box. Unfortunately, this can make it hard to determine how many boxes youll need. If youre using a standard 1

What To Do If There Are No Visible Screws In A Faucet Handle?

These days, most bathroom and kitchen faucet handles have no visible screws. This helps the faucet look nice and sleek, but it can make it trickier to remove the faucet handles when necessary. There are a number of reasons you may need to take off a faucet handle, including to

Optimal Bar Sink (2022 Review)

In search of a bar sink for your home bar? Or maybe you just have a small kitchen and want to maximize space efficiency. Or perhaps youd like a secondary sink to give you more versatility and make the most out of your prep space. Whatever your reason for looking

Installing a Urinal

Urinals have become surprisingly popular in residential homes over the past few years. Gone are the days when they were just found in public bathrooms. There are even urinals that can suit men and women alike. The reasoning behind the popularity is solid, though. Urinals tend to be relatively inexpensive