1 Our Best Bar Sinks 2 What Are Bar Sinks? 3 What Are The Different Types Of Bar Sinks? 4 What Do You Look For In The Best Bar Sink? Sink Material Size 5 Best Bar Sinks Reviewed 1. Ruvati Siena 15 x 15 inch Workstation Drop-In Topmount Bar Prep Sink (Our Top Pick) Pros 1 Our Best Bar Sinks 0 1 Our Best Bar Sinks 1 1 Our Best Bar Sinks 2 1 Our Best Bar Sinks 3 1 Our Best Bar Sinks 4 1 Our Best Bar Sinks 5 1 Our Best Bar Sinks 6 1 Our Best Bar Sinks 7 1 Our Best Bar Sinks 8 1 Our Best Bar Sinks 9 2 What Are Bar Sinks? 0 2 What Are Bar Sinks? 1 2 What Are Bar Sinks? 2 2 What Are Bar Sinks? 3 Are you looking for a bar sink for your house bar? Or perhaps you simply have a small kitchen and want to make the most of the available space.

Or maybe you want to maximize your prep space by adding a second sink to give you additional options.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a bar sink for whatever reason. We’ll cover all the information you need to know about bar sinks in this article.

We’ll start by describing what a bar sink is specifically and how it differs from a standard kitchen sink. Then, we’ll examine the many varieties of bar sinks and discuss how to pick the best one for your requirements.

The exciting part will then begin with our reviews of the top five bar sinks currently available. You can have a peak at the list below, but let’s start with the fundamentals right away.

OUR FAVORITE BAR SLIPS 2 What Are Bar Sinks? 4 (Our Top Pick) 2 What Are Bar Sinks? 5 (Best Budget) 2 What Are Bar Sinks? 6 (Best High End) 2 What Are Bar Sinks? 7 2 What Are Bar Sinks? 8 WTF DO BAR SINKS DO?

What Are Bar Sinks?

A bar sink can be an attractive and useful addition to your house. It is also known as a wet bar sink, entertainment sink, or occasionally a prep sink.

However, what precisely is a bar sink? The footprint of a bar sink is smaller than that of a typical kitchen sink.

Additionally, they are often shallower, however some do contain deep basins. The reason for their little size is that they are typically used for food preparation or for washing glasses and other tiny items.

Most bar sinks—but not all—use a regular-sized drain opening that enables them to function with a garbage disposal.

Bar sinks with one bowl are by far the most common. A bar sink rarely needs two basins, and a divider divides its compact size into portions that are far less useful.

In a nutshell, bar sinks are what separate a dry bar from a wet bar, and they’re a terrific way to upgrade your home bar. Bar sinks can be beneficial for places other than homes bars, despite the name’s reference to bars.

Bar sinks can be used in place of a kitchen sink even though they are normally not designed to do so. Just be aware that washing larger dishes will be challenging.

Bar sinks, on the other hand, are fantastic for preserving a small amount of counter space in a kitchen or home bar.

A bar sink is a fantastic addition to a kitchen island, kitchen bar, or other kitchen countertops to increase versatility and efficiency in your area, even in larger kitchens.

A second sink gives you extra options for hand washing, acquiring water, and pouring out liquids while allowing you to maintain one sink clear even as dishes accumulate in the other. It also makes it easier for two people to cook at once. Even better, you can add ice to your bar sink and use it to chill wine or other drinks while still maintaining access to a sink.

In a laundry room, garage, mudroom, or other area, bar sinks can also serve as a small utility sink.
WHAT TYPES OF BAR SINKS ARE THERE? Based on how they are installed, bar sinks can be divided into three primary groups.

Top mount sinks

Top mount sinks, commonly referred to as drop-in sinks, are merely inserted inside the counter’s cutout. They rest on top of the countertop and have a rim around the edge.

Sinks that are undermount or under-counter fit beneath the counter. They too feature an edge rim, but it is fastened to the counter’s base with clips and caulk or another adhesive.

Messes from the counter may be wiped into an undermount sink and washed down the drain, making them ideal for cleaning. Undermount bar sinks are more prevalent than top mount ones because of this.

Undermount sinks

Since the edge of the sink fits along, or even slightly inside, the edge of the cutout rather than inside of it like a drop-in sink, undermount installation also enables you to put a somewhat bigger sink in a cutout of the same size.

But top mount sinks are simpler to install, don’t need a waterproof counter material, and don’t need to have a perfectly finished edge around the sink. Top mount sinks might aid in your financial savings efforts.

The twin mount bar sink is the final style. There are two mounting options available for these sinks: top mount and undermount.

WHAT CHARACTERISES THE BEST BAR SINK? But there are other factors to take into account when selecting a premium bar sink. Let’s discuss a couple additional crucial factors:

Material for sinks

Sink Material

The type of material a sink is constructed of has the greatest impact on its performance. The sink’s durability, aesthetics, and cleaning convenience are all influenced by the material.

Generally speaking, you should choose a more durable sink, but how durable you actually need your sink will depend on what you’ll be using it for.

For instance, you may get away with buying less sturdy material if you’ll be using it mostly to rinse barware. On the other hand, you’ll need something more robust if you’ll be dropping more important cookware into it.

Whatever you’ll be doing, you’ll want a piece of equipment that won’t corrode.
Additionally, you want a non-porous material for the sink. Porous materials are often more difficult to clean, more susceptible to staining, and can harbor bacteria.

Some sinks have a non-porous layer on top despite being built of porous materials. That’s normally sufficient, but if the coating crumbles, the porosity could cause issues, making it unsuitable for sinks that require greater durability.

The only aspect of the material you need to consider when choosing between these bar sinks is their appearance because they are all constructed of strong, non-porous materials.

Consider the finish, texture, and color. What hue would look best in your kitchen?
Are you ready to give up a little cleaning ease for a more attractive textured sink? Do you prefer a matte, glossy, or in-between finish?


Size is the second important factor to take into account when selecting a bar sink.

Although it requires more counter space, a bar sink with a bigger footprint offers greater versatility. Given your available space and your desired uses for the sink, you should choose a bar sink that strikes a balance between the two.

Don’t worry if you find it difficult to picture how a sink’s size would appear in your room. The majority of manufacturers give you (or your countertop installer) a template for their sinks so you’ll know precisely how big the cutout needs to be.

You can use this to get a sense of how the sink’s size fits into your house.
But there are more considerations besides just the side-to-side and front-to-back measures. Additionally, you should think about bowl depth.

That again depends on your particular demands. By choosing a taller faucet, you may be able to get away with using a shallower sink in some situations, but water may splash over the sides of the sink.

Bar sinks may also be too deep for certain persons with disabilities to use comfortably, even though they are typically shallower than standard kitchen sinks.

You might seek for a smaller ADA-compliant kitchen sink to serve as a prep or bar sink for people who require that accessibility. The 2 What Are Bar Sinks? 9 and 3 What Are The Different Types Of Bar Sinks? 0 are two excellent choices.

BAR SINKS REVIEWED: BEST It’s time to start talking about some bar sinks right now.

1. 15 x 15-inch workstation with a drop-in topmount bar prep sink from RUVATI (OUR TOP PICK)

Ruvati Siena 15 x 15 inch Workstation Drop-in Topmount Bar Prep Sink

The Ruvati Siena Workstation Bar Prep Sink is our #1 option overall due to its adaptability.

A cutting board, for instance, extends your workspace by fitting over the top of the sink. You can hold the supplied colander in place without using your hands thanks to the sink’s rims on the sides.

The sink also has a basket strainer drain and a bottom grid.

It has a satin finish and is composed of type 304 stainless steel. When the faucet or garbage disposal is running, stainless steel bar sinks can be very loud, but Ruvati lined it with thick cushioning to reduce noise.

PROS quite adaptable with a variety of included extras twin mount Lifetime limitation on warranties CONS The mounting clips were challenging for some users to use. 3 What Are The Different Types Of Bar Sinks? 1


Sinkology Sisley Pro Copper Bar Prep Sink (Best Budget)

The Sinkology Sisley Pro Copper Bar Prep Sink is a great choice if you’re trying to save some money or simply prefer a warmer or antique-looking bar sink.

The hand-hammered 16 gauge solid copper sink has a striking, exquisite texture that will give your home bar personality.

You have additional space to work inside the sink thanks to the 9-inch deep basin. This is one of the bigger bar sinks on this list, with the basin’s width measuring 14.5 by 16.5.

PROS Installation that is undermount Compared to many other bar sinks, the material and finish are more attractive. You have plenty of room thanks to the deep and large bowl. CONS The sink’s texture may make cleaning a little more challenging. For certain home bars, it can be too big. 3 What Are The Different Types Of Bar Sinks? 2


Kohler K-6589-U Northland Undermount Bar Sink

The Kohler Northland Undermount Bar Sink can be a great option for individuals with a greater budget. The sink is enamel coated to prevent rusting and give it a less industrial aspect. It is composed of cast iron for exceptional durability.

This sink has a great, balanced size that will fit with most rooms, measuring 15 by 12 by 7 inches. Additionally, the variety of color choices aid in that.

It’s likely that at least one of the neutral colors will look good in your house.

PROS Installation that is undermount Enamel coating and cast iron are quite durable. comes in a variety of colors. CONS If the coating on cast iron crumbles, rust and corrosion could become a concern. 3 What Are The Different Types Of Bar Sinks? 3


Elkay Fireclay Single Bowl Undermount Bar Sink

The Elkay Fireclay Single Bowl Undermount Bar Sink is the next item.

It is ideal for individuals who need more space because it is by far the largest bar sink on this list. The same Amazon page also lists it in two larger single basin sizes and an even larger double basin sink.

Because of this, it is simple to properly match your prep sink or bar sink to your primary kitchen sink.
The fireclay substance is another fantastic benefit. Ceramic-like fireclay is more resistant to heat, stains, and scratches than ceramic is.

PROS For maximum simplicity, you can purchase a sink in any size either alone or with a bottom grid, drain, or even all three in addition to a faucet. It is simple to match to a primary kitchen sink due to the variety of size possibilities. Fireclay is used, which is strong and has a traditional appearance. Not all situations call for large dimensions. 3 What Are The Different Types Of Bar Sinks? 4


What Are Bar Sinks?


The Blanco Rondo SIlgranit Bar Sink rounds out our top five and sticks out in a few different ways.

The round shape comes first. A round sink is a terrific opportunity to try something a little bit unusual in a world when most sinks are square or rectangular.

The second is a substance called silgranit. An acrylic composite called Silgranit contains 80% real granite. It resembles natural stone in appearance but is more robust.

It also comes in a variety of hues. Although there are eight colors available, you’re likely to find one you like. I myself prefer the stark black Anthracite.

PROS Silgranit is very sanitary, impact-resistant, easy to clean, and scratch-resistant. Lifetime limitation on warranties This sink stands out due to its round shape DIS Although a round sink may not be as space-efficient as a square or rectangular one, the area behind the counter can be used for countertop accessories like a glass rinser or soap dispenser.

PERSONAL FINAL VIEWS OF BAR SINKS The best bar sinks are now complete.

Although our top pick is the Ruvati Siena 15 x 15-inch Workstation Drop-in Topmount Bar Prep Sink, all of these sinks are excellent choices. Since everyone’s needs vary, one of the other sinks on this list might be more suitable for you.

Simply consider the size and design of your area, the purpose for which the sink will be used, and your budget to locate the ideal bar sink. That ought to really aid your decision regarding the sink.





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