1 What Is The Standard Bathtub Drain Location? 2 Bathtub Drain Measurements Know Your Local Building Codes Before Getting Started How far from the wall should a bathtub drain be? Although the majority of plumbers advise extending it at least 12 inches from the wall, it can go beyond.

You must first cut a hole in your floor if you plan to install your bathtub yourself.
The placement of the drain varies amongst tubs. You will need to cut your access hole at the tub’s unique drain end.

You should drill a hole that is generally 9 inches wide. With clawfoot tubs, the drain line is exposed, so you’ll need to cut with additional care.


bathtub drain off a wall

Depending on the model, the tubs’ drain placement changes. The water goes toward the drain at one end of the majority of rectangular tubs.
Other designs feature a circular sloped floor with a central drain.

You will need to make a hole in your floor and pull the drain line through it because the drain line is threaded up through the floor. This is attached to the tub’s bottom to enable the best possible drainage.

Drop a plumbing line from the center of the roll onto the edge of your tub to determine where to place your floor hole. The line that touches the floor will show you where to place your drain hole for the best drainage system.

DRAIN MEASUREMENTS FOR BATHTUBS The drain hole should be at least 9 inches wide and 12 inches distant from the wall.
a 1.5-inch pipe should be used to rough in the drain. Male threads on this pipe should be visible a half-inch above the toilet.
A P-trap is necessary for venting of any drain.
Local building codes will determine the precise requirements for the size of your vent line, drain line, and trap.
Consult a plumber if you’re unsure about any measurements or specifications; they can offer some useful advice.

The drain line must slope away from your tub at a specific angle per your local plumbing rules. Usually, the linear foot minimum is 0.25 inches.

BEFORE CONTINUING, BE AWARE OF YOUR LOCAL BUILDING CODES. State and municipal building codes must be followed during all construction. These codes have an impact on how your bathtub drain is installed.

Generally speaking, the distance between your drain hole and wall should be at least 12 inches. It may go even further.
The drain line will be more challenging to thread the farther away it is from the wall.

Before you begin, make sure you are knowledgeable on the drainage regulations in your region. To adhere to those requirements, you’ll need to have a specific drainage slope, venting configuration, and drain line installation.





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