1 Can You Put A New Tank On An Old Toilet? 2 How Do I Know What Size Toilet Tank To Buy? Types Of Toilet Tanks Gravity Pressure Assisted Dual Flush Are All Toilet Tanks Standard Size? 5 How Do You Measure A Toilet Tank? 6 How Do You Know If A Toilet Tank Is Compatible? 1 Can You Put A New Tank On An Old Toilet? 0 1 Can You Put A New Tank On An Old Toilet? 1 1 Can You Put A New Tank On An Old Toilet? 2 1 Can You Put A New Tank On An Old Toilet? 3 1 Can You Put A New Tank On An Old Toilet? 4 When was the last time you gave your toilet tank much thought? Despite being one of the toilet’s least noticeable components, this is one of the most crucial.

Your toilet tank, which controls your overall flushing power, stores the water required for a flush.

If you discover that your flush is less strong, you might be tempted to replace the entire toilet. Similar to when your tank is damaged or breaks, you might believe you need to shop for toilets.

However, if you know that your toilet tank is the cause of the issue, you may often just replace it.
Are toilet tanks therefore universal? Sadly, the response is no.

Nevertheless, depending on the type, brand, and dimensions of the tank, you might be able to get an interchangeable tank. Investigate the kind of toilet you have as your first step.


You may frequently install a new tank on an old toilet. When the toilet is offered as a tank-and-bowl unit that is fused, there can be an exception.

If so, it’s possible that you won’t be able to take the tank out and replace it.
Your toilet tank can be replaced, though, if it can be taken apart. First, you should determine whether replacing it is worthwhile.

This implies that the rest of the toilet should function properly. If you need to replace your entire toilet, it can be less expensive to buy a new one.

To replace the tank on your outdated toilet, you can buy a new one. The old tank needs to be drained, unscrewed, and removed.
Then, you must install and waterproof your new tank according to the manufacturer’s directions.
The most important thing is to make sure the new tank works with your toilet. It must be the same size as the previous tank.
Purchasing the same model from the same manufacturer as the original tank can also be beneficial.

HOW DO I DECIDE WHICH TOILET TANK SIZE TO BUY? You will need to take some measurements if the maker of your toilet does not offer interchangeable tanks. Toilet tanks come in a variety of standard sizes, but they also rely on the style and dimensions of the toilet.

The tank’s height, length, and width are crucial measurements. The length is typically where the largest size variations occur.

Smaller toilet bowls will typically have a smaller tank because the tank is frequently sized accordingly to the bowl. This is so that each flush uses less water and energy.

POSSIBLE TOILETY TANKS The three main categories of toilet tank are separated based on the flushing system. When replacing your tank, be careful to choose one that is compatible with the style of your toilet.

Choosing the incorrect kind could damage your plumbing or result in an appliance that cannot be flushed.

One of the most popular versions installed in residential residences is the gravity flush.
At the front of the tank on these toilets is a lever. To flush, use this. There are two holes on the tank’s bottom.
The toilet bowl connection is made through one hole, while the water intake pipe is made through the other.

This style of toilet operates on the principle of gravity, as suggested by its name. The waste pipes, which normally run below the toilet, receive the water’s powerful downward flow and dump it there.

Toilets with pressure assistance are a little more difficult. The tank closely resembles a gravity tank in appearance.
These toilets are, however, generally put in basements and other places that are below the sewer lines.
The water must be forced upward because it cannot go down to the sewer.
The pressure help is used in this situation. This device fits within the tank of your toilet.
It uses pressure to push the contents of the toilet up to the sewage line as it fills with water.


In terms of basic operation, a dual flush toilet and a gravity toilet are extremely similar. As a result, you might occasionally be able to switch between dual flush and conventional gravity tanks.

The energy economy of a dual flush toilet is its main selling point. It features two buttons rather than one lever.
Depending on whether you’re getting rid of liquid or solid waste, you push a different button.
This gives you the flushing force you need to remove particles from the bowl while saving water when you’re flushing liquids.

DO ALL TOILET TANKS HAVE THE SAME SIZE? There is no set size for toilet tanks. There is no necessity for uniformity, therefore different-sized toilets might have tanks of varied sizes.

For instance, larger bowls require larger tanks.

Various manufacturers frequently standardize the dimensions of their own toilet tanks. However, it is important to measure your tank’s measurements by hand to be certain if you are unsure of the model of your toilet.

Tanks can be anywhere from 15 and 19 inches long, but 15 to 16.5 inches is where they are most frequently found.

The distance from the tank’s bottom to its top will be measured first. Then, take a measurement starting at the seat’s base.
You may get the tank’s fundamental height by deducting the second measurement from the first.
The tank’s length will be the next dimension to be determined. Small tanks typically have a length of 15.125 inches.

Large tanks may have a length between 16.75 and 18 inches. It’s crucial to use a tape measure to take a measurement that is as accurate as possible.

The breadth of the tank should also be measured. This is the distance from the tank’s front to the nearest wall.

WHAT TESTS A TOILET TANK’S COMPATIBILITY? If your toilet and toilet tank are the same type and size, they should work together. In some circumstances, it is easiest to purchase a replacement toilet tank from the company that produced the original tank.

You can be certain that you have the precise right model in this manner.
ARE TOILETBOWLS AND TANKS COMBINATABLE? Several variables affect the possibility of mixing and matching toilet bowls and tanks.
First of all, toilet tanks of different size cannot be combined. Your toilet bowl is designed to fit a tank that has particular measurements.
If you purchase the incorrect tank size, installing it won’t be easy, and you might not have enough plumbing or flushing power.
The kind of toilet matters as well. Different tanks are used for various reasons.
A pressure-assisted tank cannot be used with a gravity-fed toilet. The opposite is also accurate.
These components are incompatible. If you try to combine these parts, you’ll discover that your toilet doesn’t even flush.

Before buying a tank, you should always confirm that it is suitable with your toilet bowl. The best course of action is to pair your toilet bowl with the suitable tank model rather than attempting to jumble things up.

FAQS CAN KOHLER TOILET TANKS BE REPLACED? Toilet tanks made by Kohler cannot be switched out. There are cautions against mixing the bowls and tanks when buying a Kohler toilet.

Only the certified Kohler tank model and a Kohler toilet bowl should be used.

CAN YOU SWITCH OUT AMERICAN STANDARD TOILET TANKS? Some of American Standard’s toilet tank models can be switched out, the company claims. They do not, however, advise doing this. Additionally, not all of their tanks are interchangeable or standardized.

Strict guidelines on their website specify which models cannot be switched. They also point out that using their default configurations rather than attempting a do-it-yourself mix-and-match will result in the optimal performance.

CONCLUSION Although replacing a toilet tank might be a hassle, if the rest of your toilet functions properly, the expense is frequently justified. However, it’s crucial to understand that toilet tanks aren’t standard.

As a result, you must measure your toilet tank before purchasing a replacement.

Additionally, certain tank types cannot be used together. Discovering the tank that is suggested for your kind of toilet is your finest option if you are unsure of its type.

In this manner, you may be sure that you are not unintentionally selecting an unsuitable choice.

You can also get in touch with a plumber if you really aren’t sure where to begin with repairing your toilet tank. They’ll be able to determine the model and advise you on whether it would be best to acquire a new toilet altogether or just replace the tank.





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