1 Our Best Utility Sink Faucets 2 What Are Utility Sink Faucets? 3 What Are The Different Types Of Utility Sink Faucets? 4 What Do You Look For In The Best Utility Sink Faucet? 5 Best Utility Sink Faucets Reviewed 1. Moen 8277 M-DURA Chrome Two-Handle Centerset Utility Faucet (Our Top Pick) Pros Cons 2. LDR Universal Laundry Tub Faucet (Best Budget) 1 Our Best Utility Sink Faucets 0 1 Our Best Utility Sink Faucets 1 1 Our Best Utility Sink Faucets 2 1 Our Best Utility Sink Faucets 3 1 Our Best Utility Sink Faucets 4 1 Our Best Utility Sink Faucets 5 1 Our Best Utility Sink Faucets 6 1 Our Best Utility Sink Faucets 7 1 Our Best Utility Sink Faucets 8 1 Our Best Utility Sink Faucets 9 2 What Are Utility Sink Faucets? 0 2 What Are Utility Sink Faucets? 1 For homeowners, choosing the ideal kitchen and bathroom fixtures can be a lot of fun. The appearance and practicality of your home are greatly improved by choosing fixtures with the ideal characteristics and appearance.

It’s a lot less enjoyable to choose a utility sink faucet. After all, utility sinks are frequently concealed in unattractive or even unfinished spaces that are rarely, if ever, visible to visitors.

Nevertheless, utility sink faucets have vital functional functions, making it crucial to pick the proper one. We’ll cover all you need to know about selecting utility sink faucets in this tutorial.

The first thing we’ll do is define precisely what utility sinks and utility sink faucets are. After that, we’ll discuss the many utility sink faucet varieties and how to pick the best one for your needs.

We’ll wrap off with listing our top recommendations for the best utility sink faucets currently available.
Let’s get going.

BEST UTILITY SINK FAUCETS WE OFFER 2 What Are Utility Sink Faucets? 2 (Our Top Pick) 2 What Are Utility Sink Faucets? 3 (Best Budget) 2 What Are Utility Sink Faucets? 4 (Best High End) 2 What Are Utility Sink Faucets? 5 2 What Are Utility Sink Faucets? 6 UTILITY SINK FAUCETS: WHAT ARE THEY?

What Are Utility Sink Faucets?

Utility sinks are single basin sinks with a big capacity. They are typically significantly deeper than a sink in a bathroom or even a kitchen.
While a large utility sink might be two feet deep or even deeper, a small one is normally only around 10 inches deep.

Because of their size, utility sinks are perfect for washing items like garden and hobby supplies, oven and grill racks, and enormous amounts of laundry that can’t fit in the washer that kitchen and bathroom sinks aren’t really designed to accommodate. Depending on their size, you could also use them to wash dogs or to spray down slobbery kids before they leave a mud trail to the restroom.

They are excellent for garages, workshops, mudrooms, laundry rooms, sheds, and other locations where having a sink would be useful so you wouldn’t have to go all the way to a kitchen or bathroom. Utility sinks are also frequently referred to as laundry sinks because they are particularly prevalent in laundry rooms for hand washing and spot treating.

Of course, the type of faucets you’d use with a utility sink is a utility sink faucet. They are not the type of faucet you would install on your kitchen or bathroom sink.

Utility sink faucets typically contain features aimed towards efficacy rather than unnecessary conveniences because its primary purpose is primarily functional. They also tend to be heavy duty and tough.

Don’t expect most utility sink faucets to look as good as a bathroom or kitchen faucet because appearance is often not a key concern, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some attractive ones.


What Are The Different Types of Utility Sink Faucets?

Utility sink faucets typically include a threaded spout or a handheld sprayer.
It’s practical to use a handheld sprayer when doing laundry or washing big goods (or pets or children).

In order to supply a remote water source, such as to water plants or fill up large containers like aquariums without having to make numerous visits with smaller water containers, threaded spouts can be connected to a garden hose (with the proper adaptor). Threaded spouts can also accommodate the attachment of additional accessories such as nozzles, aerators, and diverters.

Even though there won’t be a handy location to store it while not in use and you won’t be able to use the spout normally without removing the sprayer, you can attach a handheld sprayer to a threaded spout.

Whether a threaded spout or a handheld sprayer is preferable really depends on how frequently you’ll be using your utilitarian sink.

Although some utility sinks don’t fit into any of those categories, you won’t likely get the same functionality from them as you would from sinks that do. Utility sink faucets should be practical and functional, so I wouldn’t waste my time with any that lack these features.


What Do You Look For In The Best Utility Sink Faucet?

Speaking of crucial elements, there are a few considerations you should make when picking a utility sink faucet to ensure you get a high-quality model that meets your requirements.

One of the most crucial aspects of a utility sink is durability. To avoid leaks and prevent breaking, they should be solidly built and made of high-quality materials.

They ought to be corrosion-resistant as well.

Utility sink faucets should be simple to clean because they frequently come into contact with sizable messes. Look for characteristics like a wipe-off finish and a spout that make it simple to remove corrosion buildups from hard water or other sources.

Another crucial factor is water pressure. Greater water pressure can aid in cleaning up more difficult problems, but it can also result in greater water consumption and may be excessive for delicate tasks like spot-treating particular materials, bathing pets, or watering plants.

Fortunately, you can usually install an attachment to help you lower the water flow rate, so it’s usually preferable to choose a faucet with a larger flow and taper it back as necessary than one that doesn’t provide enough water pressure for all applications.

Additionally, some areas have restrictions on the maximum water flow rate permitted from faucets in an effort to conserve water, so make sure to find out if there are restrictions where you reside. To comply with local requirements, accessories to limit flow rate may or may not be sufficient.

Installation simplicity is also important. Do you need to hire a plumber to install it, or can you do it yourself?
You might not have a problem having a professional do it, but you should be aware of the additional cost and hassle.

Also think about whether you want a utility faucet with two handles or just one. One handle makes things simple to use with just one hand, especially if it’s a lever.

With two handles, you may independently manage the hot and cold water for more exact temperature control as well as more precisely control the water flow.

Last but not least, appearance isn’t typically considered a significant criterion for utility sink faucets, however
REVIEW OF THE BEST UTILITY SINK FAUCETS Let’s go on to the faucets themselves now.


Moen 8277 M-DURA Chrome Two-Handle Centerset Utility Faucet (Our Top Pick)

The Moen M-DURA Two-Handle Utility Faucet is our top choice.

This faucet has a heavy-duty ceramic disc cartridge, a vandal-resistant torque screw, and a threaded spout to stop leaks and drips. It features solid brass construction, just like all Moen M-DURA faucets.

The 6.5-inch spout height and 6.5-inch spout reach of the swivel spout.
The faucet is finished in chrome. It has a 5-year limited guarantee and complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

PROS Water controls with two handles ADA-compliant, heavy-duty CONS The installation instructions were deemed confusing by some users. For larger sinks, the spout reach might not be enough. 2 What Are Utility Sink Faucets? 7

LDR UNIVERSAL LAUNDRY TUB FAUCET, 2. (BEST BUDGET) In order to function as a laundry sink faucet, the LDR Universal Laundry Tub Faucet was created.

LDR Universal Laundry Tub Faucet (Best Budget)

This faucet includes a detachable spout with a retractable hose that increases the spout’s reach and adds to its versatility. A button on the spout’s top allows the user to select between an aerated stream and a spray.

You can also completely remove the aerator so that you can connect a garden hose.

The faucet’s spout is primarily made of plastic, making it unsuitable for uses that need for a stronger spout. However, it does include ceramic valves to stop leaks.

PROS Water controls with two handles The pullout sprayer is convenient to use and facilitates water direction. Exceptional sprayer spout reach CONS plastic predominates, which is less durable than metal. a 2-year only warranty 2 What Are Utility Sink Faucets? 8


Elkay Pursuit Laundry

The Elkay Pursuit Single Handle Laundry Faucet stands out from the others on this list in more ways than just looks.

You can pick between an aerated flow or spray, just like with a pull-down sprayer, but the high arc gooseneck spout itself is flexible rather than having a retractable hose. Simply flex the spout to control the water flow.

To direct the water, you don’t need to use your hand because the spout will remain in place until you move it back.

PROS Chrome and Lustrous Steel finishes are available for the flexible, movable spout. Shiny steel has a brushed nickel appearance. comes with two aerators, allowing you to select a flow rate of 1.5 GPM or 2.2 GPM. Lead-free, dependable, and ADA compliant PROS Over time, a faucet may start to droop. has less reach than some pull-out sprayers relative to most other utility faucets, expensive 2 What Are Utility Sink Faucets? 9


Kohler Coralais Utility Sink Faucet

Although the Kohler Coralais utility sink isn’t the most appealing, its straightforward form and polished chrome finish nonetheless elevate it above the standard utilitarian sink.

Its threaded swivel spout offers a lot of versatility in terms of utility. You can precisely regulate the flow and temperature of water with the two lever handles.

For longevity and leak prevention, this deck mount faucet has ceramic disc valves and a metal body. Additionally, a lifetime limited warranty is included.

PROS Water controls with two handles high rate of flow long-lasting design and lifetime warranty CONS a little more pricey than usual unclear installation guidelines 3 What Are The Different Types Of Utility Sink Faucets? 0


Speakman Commander SC-5811-RCP Wall Mount Utility Faucet

The Speakman Commander is the only wall-mounted utility faucet to make our top five, and it comes in last. This faucet, which is available in Rough Chrome Plated and Polished Chrome finishes, is not attractive.

But the functionality is flawless.
For controlling the water flow and temperature, it includes two cross handles. The vacuum breaker made of brass stops backflow.

The faucet has a top brace that offers an additional wall attachment point and is made of a sturdy material. This is especially helpful if you utilize the built-in pail hook, which enables you to fill a bucket without using your hands and without worrying about spills.

PROS water controls with two handles robust construction, top bracing, and cast brass body Cons of a threaded spout Installing faucets in the wall mount design is trickier than with other types. minimal flow rate 3 What Are The Different Types Of Utility Sink Faucets? 1

SUMMARY OF UTILITY SINK FAUCETS The top utility sink faucets are all listed above.
You just need to pick the faucet that best suits your needs and budget from of the excellent options available.

The Moen M-DURA Utility Faucet, Kohler Coralais, and Speakman Commander are excellent choices for usage that are more broad while the LDR Universal Laundry Tub Faucet is a particularly nice alternative if you’re searching for a laundry faucet. Between the two, The Elkay Pursuit strikes a wonderful balance. There are more fantastic utility sinks from each of the aforementioned companies if you’re still unsatisfied with any of these choices.

Even though none of their faucets made our list of the top five, 3 What Are The Different Types Of Utility Sink Faucets? 2 and 3 What Are The Different Types Of Utility Sink Faucets? 3 are other manufacturers to consider if you’re seeking for more premium utility sink faucets.





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