Leveling a Bathtub

Are you installing a new bathtub? Learn how to level a bathtub and the tools you will need to do it. You have two options to choose from, so read this before your install.

Does Drywall Need to Be Seamed to a Stud?

When hanging drywall, you may wonder, do drywall seams have to be on a stud? And the answer is yes, placing the seams of drywall panels or sheetrock on a stud will give you something to securely attach them to. This is why its essential to plan ahead. If there

Caulking Alternatives Around The Bathtub

Most people choose to put caulk around their bathtubs to keep them intact and stable. But is it actually the best material to use? There are several alternative options available to you, but whether they’re better mainly depends on your circumstances. 5 Caulk Alternatives Spray Foam Spray foam is typically

Sizes of toilet seats

You might be wondering about how to choose the best toilet seat size. Are there standard measurements for different toilets? What are the benefits and drawbacks of the different options? Thankfully, learning about toilet seat sizes is fairly simple. Or maybe you’re wondering how to replace a toilet seat. If