How To Use Bleach To Unclog A Bathtub Drain

We’ve all been there at some point or another: Suddenly your bathtub isn’t draining properly. Maybe it’s slow to drain while you shower, or maybe there’s a puddle of standing water that simply won’t go away. Clogged bathtub and shower drains are bad for your feet and for the health

Optimal Farmhouse Sinks (2022 Review)

Every so often a trend comes along that somehow allows you to make your home both traditional and modern at the same time. The farmhouse sink is one such trend. Farmhouse style sinks are able to accomplish such a feat because theyre trendy but have been around for centuries. Adding

The Issue With Flushing Paper Towels Other Non-Flushable Items Baby Wipes Cotton Balls, Makeup Sponges, and Q-Tips Menstrual Items Tissues Diapers Conclusion You are probably reliant on indoor plumbing, whatever you are. A vital component of sanitation and hygiene is your toilet.

No matter who you are, you’re probably dependent on indoor plumbing. Your toilet is a necessary part of hygiene and sanitation. But sometimes you don’t have access to toilet paper, and you have to use paper towels or tissues instead. When this is the case, can you flush them? You