Will Paint Stick to Drywall Mud?

If you need to repair a painted wall, youre probably wondering, will drywall mud stick to paint? The answer is, sometimes. Drywall mud will easily stick to flat paint and primer. Semi-gloss paints and those with a higher sheen are too slick for the drywall mud to adhere to. In

Garage Drywall Best Practices

If youre finishing the inside of your garage, youll eventually need to choose drywall for it. The most commonly used drywall for garages are standard inch panels. The exception is ceilings that need panels. Also, for attached garages, youll need to use panels or type X rated

How long does a ceiling take to dry out after a leak?

If youve noticed a ceiling leak or water spots, you need to take action quickly. A wet ceiling can lead to many problems if left untreated. How long does it take a ceiling to dry after a leak? It can take as long as two to three weeks to dry