How to Clean a Porcelain Sink of Paint

You’re on the last finishing touches of a reno, the end is in sight! Then, you realize you’ve dripped some paint on the porcelain sink. Don’t worry! Paint splatters are a common issue. There are some tried and true DIY ways to safely remove paint without damaging the sink. Fortunately,

Can a bathtub be installed without mortar?

Can you install a bathtub without mortar? While it is possible to install a tub without using mortar, it might not be recommended depending on the bathtub type. Click the link to learn more.

A pipe wrench is what?

To complete any task in an efficient manner, one must have the proper hand tools at his or her disposal. In many cases, this includes a pipe wrench of one type or another. For some, this tool is quite familiar. Others, however, might wonder, what is a pipe wrench? A

best kitchen faucets from Kohler (2022 Review)

Some things get better with age and one of those things is Kohler. Kohler Co. is almost 150 years old, but the faucets that they offer are better than ever. That sort of history and reputation is reassuring when shopping for a new faucet, so its no wonder that many

How to Make Drywall

Drywall is the most common wall material in homes throughout the country. Its easier and cheaper to install than the previously used plaster and comes with numerous benefits. Since drywall is mostly gypsum, its high water count results in a somewhat fire-resistant material. Plus, gypsum can be mixed with other