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Even though Kohler Co. has been around for close to 150 years, their faucets are superior than before. It’s no surprise that many homeowners pick Kohler because of its long history and solid reputation, which gives them peace of mind when looking for a new faucet.

However, even if you’ve reduced your selections to Kohler, there are still a lot of faucet alternatives, which might be confusing.

We’re here to help, so that’s why. We’ll go over everything you need to know in this guide to help you pick the ideal Kohler faucet for your kitchen.

We’ll start by discussing Kohlers’ history, the numerous types of faucets they offer, and how their products differ from those made by other well-known manufacturers like Delta or Moen.

This will enable you to decide more wisely if you’re still debating Kohler.

We’ll discuss how to select the ideal Kohler kitchen faucet for your house and way of life once you’ve decided whether or not a Kohler kitchen faucet is correct for you.

To wrap up, we’ll include reviews of our top five Kohler faucets to get you started on your hunt for a new faucet.

WHAT ARE KOHLER KITCHEN FAUCETS? OUR BEST KOHLER KITCHEN FAUCETS 2 What Are Kohler Kitchen Faucets? 9 3 What Are The Different Types Of Kohler Kitchen Faucets? 0 3 What Are The Different Types Of Kohler Kitchen Faucets? 1 3 What Are The Different Types Of Kohler Kitchen Faucets? 2 3 What Are The Different Types Of Kohler Kitchen Faucets? 3

Two Austrian immigrants named Charles Silberzahn and John Michael Kohler founded Kohler Co. in 1873 in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

Although John Michael Kohler’s heirs, the Kohler family, now owns and manages the Kohler Co., Silberzahn would sell his ownership stake in the business in 1878.

Kohler originally produced farming equipment rather than plumbing fittings. This changed in 1883 when a cast iron horse trough was painted with enamel and sold as a bathtub by the company.

Even now, Kohler is one of the only businesses producing cast iron sinks and bathtubs with an enamel coating.
Of course, Kohler has subsequently increased the range of its products.
Built-in bathtubs, self-rimming sinks, whirlpool baths, and other items were added by Kohler over time. Of course, all varieties of kitchen faucets were also included.

The simplest method to eliminate all of your faucet alternatives is to decide what kind of faucet you want.
TYPE OF SPRAYER Choose the sort of sprayer you want first. Pull-out, side, and pull-down sprayers are all available on several of Kohler’s faucet models.

The most popular sprayers are pull-down models. The sprayer on these faucets is at the very end of the spout and has a high arch design.

The sprayer must be pulled down from the end of the spout because of the downward inclination of the end of the spout.
Similar devices include pull-out sprayers. The spout’s angle is the only real change.

The sprayer on these faucets pulls out from the end of the spout rather than down because the spouts project out over the sink at a deeper angle.

Furthermore, many pull-out sprayers have more of a handle built into them, making them more ergonomic.
The spout is not equipped with side sprayers. Instead, they feature a separate hole adjacent to the faucet in the countertop or sink.

The sprayer and faucet share water supply pipes, therefore they are not entirely separate from one another. You cannot use the sprayer and faucet simultaneously because while the sprayer is in use, water is diverted from the faucet to it.

CONTROL TYPE Consider handles after deciding on the type of sprayer you want.
The majority of faucets have a single handle that regulates both water temperature and water pressure, particularly pull-down and pull-out faucets.
Swivel it from side to side to change the water temperature or move it up and down to change the water flow.
These faucets are practical and simple to operate with with one hand, which is quite helpful in the kitchen.

Additionally equipped with Temperature Memory, Kohler single-handle kitchen faucets can be turned on and off at any temperature. Most other single-handle faucets need to be turned off by returning them to the “home” position.

The more conventional design of faucet is one with two handles.
Cold and hot water are controlled by separate handles. While less comfortable to use, this allows you more precise control over each.

Let’s now discuss several factors that contribute to Kohler faucets’ greatness.
For starters, Kohler faucets are quite long-lasting. They are made of sturdy metal to withstand years of use.
Because Kohler finishes are corrosion- and tarnishing-resistant, they will continue to look just as wonderful as the day you got them.

Ceramic disc valves are also used by Kohler. Leaks are avoided and the frequency of disc cartridge replacements is decreased thanks to ceramics’ durability and resistance to corrosion.

A MasterClean sprayface may be found on most Kohler sprayers. These sprayers contain rubber nozzles, which make them simple to wipe clean even when there is a lot of hard water buildup.

Additionally having flexible supply connections, Kohler faucets are also simpler to install. You won’t always need to employ a plumber to install the faucet; you might be able to do it yourself!

Additionally, the majority of Kohler faucets comply with the ADA, which is fantastic news for anyone looking for a faucet made with accessibility in mind.

Finally, Kohler faucets are covered by a limited lifetime guarantee, so you can buy one with confidence knowing that any issues will be taken care of.


You may be sure you’re getting a high-quality faucet just by purchasing from Kohler. Still, you must be certain that the faucet you select has the features you require for your particular house and way of life.

SPROUT IMAGES For instance, you should think about the height and reach of the spout.
Spout height is the distance vertically between the height of the spout’s end and the height of the sink’s base.
Spout reach is the distance, in horizontal terms, between the center of the faucet’s base and the stream of water coming from the spout.

Make certain that these dimensions allow you to fill and wash your large pots, pans, and other containers without having to knock them into the faucet or the side of the sink.

SWEEP RATE You should also take into account the water flow rate, which is expressed in gallons per minute (GPM). More water volume results from a higher flow rate.

Greater water pressure is frequently, but not always, associated with it.

Conversely, low flow faucets aid in water conservation. In fact, there are locations that have legal limits on how high a faucet’s flow rate can be, particularly areas that are prone to droughts.

You can still obtain good water pressure from a faucet with a low flow rate since some faucets are made to maximize water pressure even at a reduced flow rate.

TYPE OF SPRAYER AND FUNCTIONS Let’s not go over the various sprayer types again as we just discussed them. Let’s examine how a sprayer works instead.

Your faucet should typically have an aerated stream and a simple sprayer as its minimum two features. Some faucets, however, may also have additional settings or features.

For instance, some Kohler faucets are equipped with a boost button that, while pressed, temporarily boosts flow.

Some models contain a pause button that momentarily halts the water flow. The Kohlers BerrySoft spray, which is a softer spray for delicate products like berries, is available on some Kohler faucets.

STYLE Last but not least, appearance counts. Even while you want your sprayer to do its job well, you also care about how it looks in your kitchen.

Take into account the design and color of your kitchen’s other elements, such as the countertops, sink, and appliances. then decide on a faucet that works well with it.

Fortunately, Kohler offers faucets in a plethora of designs, so you can pick one that matches your preferences, whether they are traditional, modern, or somewhere in between.

Additionally, the majority of faucets come in a variety of finishes, so you should have no trouble picking one that complements your decor in terms of both style and color.

THE BEST REVIEWS OF KOHLER KITCHEN FAUCETS Let’s now review the top five Kohler kitchen faucets:

The Kohler Simplice, a touchless kitchen faucet with a three-function sprayhead, is our top pick.

This faucet’s pull-down sprayer includes a Boost function that, in addition to an aerated stream and Sweep Spray, raises the water flow rate while it is depressed, giving it additional strength.

In order to conserve water, the standard spray rate is 1.5 GPM.
When not in use, the sprayer is kept firmly in place by the faucets’ Docknetik Magnetic Docking System.
The Simplice is offered in Matte Black, Vibrant Stainless Steel, and Polished Chrome finishes.

PROS Gooseneck spout with a high arc installation with one or three holes Sprayer with three functions CONS 3 What Are The Different Types Of Kohler Kitchen Faucets? 4

2. A CORALAIS kitchen sink faucet with a pull-out sprayhead in a complementary color

The Kohler Coralais range consists of cost-effective yet robust faucets. This pull-out faucet has a strong 1.8 GPM flow rate, an ergonomic two-function sprayhead, and a pull-out design. With ceramic disc valves, a braided hose, and a smooth, swiveling ball joint, it is also well-made.

Polished Chrome and vibrant brushed nickel are two finishes for the Kohler Coralais.

PROS Three or one hole installation at a reasonable cost Construction that is robust CONS Not as appealing as some alternative options 3 What Are The Different Types Of Kohler Kitchen Faucets? 5


A stylish, contemporary faucet for people looking for a high end alternative is the Kohler Purist. With laminar flow and spray modes in addition to a stop feature, this pull-out faucet includes a three function sprayhead.

It can be installed with just one hole thanks to its flexible supply lines. Power generation and water conservation are balanced at 1.5 GPM.
To complement any kitchen, The Purist is offered in polished chrome, vibrant stainless steel, matte black, and vibrant polished nickel finishes.

GOODS BADGES Expensive 3 What Are The Different Types Of Kohler Kitchen Faucets? 6


If you’re searching for a pull-down kitchen faucet from Kohler, the Bellera is another budget-friendly alternative.
The Simplice-like sprayhead has three functions: sweep spray, aerated stream, and boost.

Additionally, it features a goosneck spout with a high-arch and appealing accents that complement many different types of interior design. The lever handle’s curvature adds elegance while also making it more comfortable to hold. The Bellera is offered in the following finishes: Vibrant Stainless, Polished Chrome, and Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Docknetik Magnetic Docking System Advantages 1.5 GPM Single-hole or Three-Hole Installation Some purchasers complain that the sprayer may eventually leak, especially if you have hard water. 3 What Are The Different Types Of Kohler Kitchen Faucets? 7


The Kohler Forte is a straightforward but eye-catching faucet that we propose as your final faucet. With a separate spout, handle, and side sprayer for a distinctive appearance, this faucet requires three holes for installation. Each piece has rounded shapes that feel comfortable in the palm and sleek, smooth contours.

The Forte has metal structure and ceramic disc valves for longevity, just as other Kohler faucets.
The Forte is available in four different finishes: vibrant stainless steel, vibrant brushed nickel, and vibrant brushed bronze.

PROS Simple installation thanks to flexible supply lines Simple yet declarative Replaces a three hole faucet with a single handle and no deck plate CONS Somewhat expensive Not everyone may appreciate an unusual appearance 3 What Are The Different Types Of Kohler Kitchen Faucets? 8

PERSONAL VIEWS ON KOHLER KITCHEN FAUCETS IN FINAL About concludes our discussion of the best Kohler kitchen faucets. By now, finding the ideal Kohler faucet for your kitchen shouldn’t be a problem thanks to the background details and reviews we’ve given.

Having said that, all of these faucets are excellent, but this list is only meant to serve as a starting point. This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the excellent faucets Kohler manufactures. If you’re still unsure whether Kohler has the ideal faucet to suit your needs, take some time to go over their selection; I’m confident you’ll find one that is the perfect fit.





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